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    combine .fcdt files?


      I am creating a long survey, comprised of 10 topic areas. Some recipients may need to answer all 10 areas, some recipients may need to answer fewer areas/different combinations of topic areas.


      I am wondering if it is possible to create each of the 10 topic areas as seperate form central fillable .pdfs  then somehow recombine the seperate areas into custom forms based on recipient needs? It seems like the simplest way would be to save them all, then merge the selected .fcdt files into one file. Sort of like creating a .pdf document from multiple files....  Can this be done?


      If not, is there another way to go about merging fillable forms?



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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          We do not support merging forms like that. Your best bet would be to copy and paste all the elements of each of your forms into one single form in FormsCentral.


          If you have a paid account and you are generating a web form then you might want to look into Show/Hide (conditional field) logic so that not all fields are showing up in your forms.