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    why poor quality in EPS layer or type from Photoshop TIFF

    CCBain Level 1

      This is probably a resolution issue that I don't understand, being relatively new to video.  The last panel of a book trailer I'm finishing is an image from a children's book that I'm assembling in Photoshop.  This layered file has the book's illustration, plus our logo (a vector file placed normally) and a type layer.  It looks great in PS.  When I flatten in, and then import it into Premiere both the logo and the type look a bit wonky. 


      When I created the sequence I chose DV-NTSC, Widescreen 48kHz.  I'm obviously missing something.  The TIFF that I'm working from is huge (6000x3000 px).  Any help would be appreciated.  Here is the MP4 with the problem on the last few seconds:  https://vimeo.com/68399118