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    Using the Motion applied effect in PrE11


      I am working on a video about mechanics safety, and I wanted to show an image of a document. It is an inspection checklist document that I saved as a jpg.

      I added a title to my timeline, then added the image to the title, but obviously condensing a 8.5x11" image makes it impossible to read. I just want to breifly show it entirely, then zoom in to the top of the page & slowly have it pan down the rest of the image so you can see what is all on the checklist.


      When I select the title in my timeline & click on applied effects, there is a motion tab, but I'm not quite sure how to use it.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, make sure that the .jpg is no larger than 1650x1275 pixels. This should leave the document readable without making it unnecessarily large.


          Then, BEFORE YOU ADD THE PHOTO TO YOUR PROJECT, go to the program's preferences (under the Edit menu on a PC) and uncheck the option to Scale Stills to Frame Size. Then, when you import your .jpg into your project, it will come in at full size (larger than your video frame if you're working in DVD resolution).


          Then it's just a matter of using the Pan & Zoom tool or Motion keyframes to create the zoom effect you're trying to create.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Just an add on since you did write


            there is a motion tab, but I'm not quite sure how to use it.


            Applied Effects/Motion Panel expanded, use the Toggle Animation icon to initiate the keyframing of the Scale Property (for Zoom) and the Position Property (for Pan). It is useful to click on the Show/Hide Keyframe Controls open that panel to see actual keyframes being set. The keyframes are automatically set after the Toggle Animation initiation, change of Timeline Indicator position, adjust and so on. Manual keyframes can be used if you want to pause the pan down the list. See if this Adobe Tech Note helps any

            http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WS09e4b3c48f3a79fc19b622510385d4355c-7d b0.html