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    Title creator won't copy/paste text

    Small Town Gal Level 1

      Dear All,


      I'm creating two titles for a video project, but I want to copy one section of text from Title One and also include it in Title Two.  I can't get the copy/paste function to work from Title One to Title Two.   It is pasting old copy that seems to be frozen in the copy function and is not the text that I want.  Is there some way to clear out the copy that seems to be frozen in the copy memory function and get the new text in?  I don't want to type it twice.  I even tried creating a new Title 3, but that old text is still coming through!


      In addition, PP suddenly doesn't want to close.  I have to close it several times before it quits.  I don't know if one has any bearing on the other.




      Small Town Gal