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    Form Calc

    talon16 Level 1

      I have some fields that total, I want the the field to show no more that 50 even if it is higher.  How do I write the if the totals of the 4 fields is greater that 49 then show 50 in this field?

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          SaketSidana Adobe Employee

          Let's say you have got the value of total in a variable say numTotal. You want to display it in a field named numField1. You can write a formCalc or javascript to do that. Below is an example of how to do it through formCalc script:


          if (numTotal > 49) then

          form1.sf1.NumField1.rawValue = 50


          form1.sf1.NumField1.rawValue = numTotal;


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            talon16 Level 1

            Hi thanks for your response,  here is what I ended up with and works perfectly


            this = DropDownList1 + DropDownList2 + DropDownList3


            if (this>49) then

            this = 50


            this = this



            Thanks again