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    Merge Clip using "Audio" function

    walkhumblyfilms Level 1

      The merge clip using the audio parameter works occassionally.  I shot dual system with a slate, camera mic on a RED for scratch audio and multiple inputs on a Sound Device 744t.  Some of the clips merged great, but some of the other ones didn't work at all.  Even when there were shots within the same setup but just a different take, some worked and some didn't.  Are there best practices in terms of how to use or configure Premiere Pro to match those clips better?  Any parameters I can use to adjust how it analyzes the clips?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          What version of PP?

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            walkhumblyfilms Level 1

            I'm sorry, forgot to add that.


            It's PPro CC.  It's the newly added function of syncing files using the "audio" parameter.  Running OSX 10.7.5. 

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi walkhumbly films,

              See if this video tutorial doesn't uncover some tips:


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                walkhumblyfilms Level 1

                Thanks Kevin, unfortunately, the video just talks about the different methods of syncing/merging audio clips, which I've tried, but it doesn't really go into whether we can make adjustments to the way PPro analyzes the audio.  Thank you for the help, I guess that's not something PPro can do at the moment. 


                I'll just go back to the "old" method of syncing with markers and the clapper for the clips that trip up premiere.  I am puzzled as to why it works for one take of an action but doesn't work for a different take of the same action.  I guess the slight differences in the audio is enough to mess up the PPro's audio analyzer.

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                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                  Hi walkhumblyfilms,

                  I'm sorry the feature didn't work accurately. If you have time, please file a bug report and describe the problems you had here: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish I will also look into this issue for you.


                  Thanks for your feedback.



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                    I'm having the same problem with Premiere Pro CC. Tried to merge a video clip with an audi track from a recorder using the audio option in the dialogue box and the video clip just gets kicked to the front of the audio track when "merged". Tried it with a couple of different video clips and the main audio track from the recorder and it doesn't work so far... video just gets "merged" at the front of the audio track and out of sync. Same thing happens trying this with multi cam. Have made a bug report on this at the link you provided. Hope there is a fix for this.

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                      cscooper2013 Level 2

                      I'll add a third motion to this thread.  There are several features of the new Premiere CC that I was looking forward to, but the "audio syncing" was by far the most exciting to me as it would save me several steps in Plural Eyes (and $200 bucks).  So when I downloaded CC, this was, of course, the FIRST new feature I tried out.  First, I selected multiple takes from various cameras (3 cameras, Canon HF G20 [AVCHD / MTS] and Canon EOS 7D [MP4 / MOV]) and audio recorders (320k mp3 voice files [I have my reasons for this project  ]).  I right click and select "Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence".  I select "Audio" as the sync method.  Premiere goes to work attempting to sync all sources.  I am excited because it seems to be racing along much faster than PluralEyes.  When Premiere finishes, it leaves me with a new Multi-Camera Source Sequence that has a separate track for every take.  I'm not shooting one continuous concert for 2 hours, I'm shooting reality footage.  This means that during a 3 hour event, my camera operators might start and stop recording every 20 minutes, or run for 40 mintues, etc.  We try to get sync points (clap sync from the same source) either at the beginning or end of each run.  The audio recorders, however, run for the full 3, 5, or 10 hour run.  PluralEyes is amazing at handling all of this, with *almost* perfect results; I'd say 95% success rate.  But in my experience, running the same footage through Premiere's new "sync on audio" feature (whether creating Multi-Camera Source, or simply Merging clips [as in this thread]), I get aproximately a 99% failure rate.  I'll end up with a completely messed up timeline with each camera spread out across 5 video tracks (3 cameras x 5 takes = 15 tracks of video).  Each camera also has it's own set of audio tracks (2 for stereo) and each mono audio recorder gets another audio track.  So I've got something like 20 or more tracks of audio.  This would all be fine, I suppose, if they were at all sync'ed to eachother in some recognizable way.  But they are not.  Not even close.  Not even in a way that resembles the most feable *attempt* to synchronize these sources.


                      I'll try to post a video later today, to show the above workflow.  While there are many new features that made upgrading a "can't wait" proposition for me, THIS feature was hands-down the most promising for my reality-style workflow.

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                        walkhumblyfilms Level 1

                        Hey everyone,


                        After syncing a ton more clips, I still had issues with the merge audio function not syncing clips correctly like most everyone is stating.


                        I've had a little more success, ~50%, with throwing the clips on a timeline and using the synchronize function.  Then I drag them back into a bin so it shows up in my bin as a merged clip.


                        BUT the problem that I encounter with this method is that when I drag the clip back, the number of audio tracks that merge with the clip is 4 times the amount that it was supposed to sync with. For example, I merge one clip of video and 4 tracks of audio together and drag it into my dailies bin.  When I drop that merged clip back into the timeline later, it's got 16 tracks of audio.


                        Maybe this is because of some settings on the timeline I used to sync the picture and sound but even when I tested it with a sequence with only 4 tracks, it still merged and came out as 16 tracks of audio.


                        Is this user error? Something I'm missing in a setting? Bug?  Can anyone replicate this issue?