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    Pagination options for importing word documents


      Hi there,


      I'm using RoboHTML v9 to create webhelp based on a word document. We have used MS Word historically, and are looking to move more digitally.


      Some time ago, I posted on here about creating a browse sequence automatically that included all topics in the document, so the document could be navigated in order. I was told that this wasn't possible, so I reverted to creating a browse sequence and copying all of the topics into that using the "all" arrow.


      This works ok, though obviously it would be better not to have to do this every time the manual is updated.


      Unfortunately, the topics are not in the right order. They are being created with numbers in front of them e.g.


      1. Introduction

      1.1 What this povides

      2. Hardware

      2.1 Power



      10 Software.


      This means that the browse sequence goes 1 -> 1.1 -> 10 and only goes to 2 after going all the way around to chapter 17.


      I'd like to set this up to so that the heading numbers are stripped from the topics and replaced by a sequences that reflects their order in the document, and hence the browse sequence. e.g. 1_, 2_,...,567_


      Can this be done?


      Incidentally, I tried the "auto-create using TOC" command, which i had hoped would do it out-of-the-box, but this doesn't seem to create any browse sequence.