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    Can I have an Excel document open directly in Robohelp 10?

    zeppmelissa Level 1

      I'm using Robohelp 10, and I would like to include a link that will directly open a read-only Excel spreadsheet.  I put the Excel doc in Baggage, and I [shift-dragged] it into the topic where I wanted it.  When I publish to Winhelp and click the link it opens in read-only when I publish to my local hard drive (like I want it to do).  However, when I publish to the network, the user has to right-click the link, choose "Save target as...", and save the document locally.  I want the users to just be able to open it read-only, and save it locally after they fill in the spreadsheet.  Is there a way to get this to work on the network?


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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. Save the Excel document as a webpage from Excel and link to that html page instead of the Excel document.

          2. Use SharePoint/Skydrive (Excel web app)/Google Drive to host the excel document and let those systems display the excel document.


          Browsers can't open Excel documents. Browsers are for HTML, for Excel you will need an office application or a server application that can show the excel documents in HTML for the browser.