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    Premiere Pro CC BWF Timecode Issue


      I have imported a series of BWF's recorded on a Sound Devices 664.  The timecode on these clips is acting very erratically.


      As an example clip - In the bin it shows the media start to be 16:43:27:07057 and media end shows 16:53:35:36239, once placed on a timeline that already contains video (a 23.976 timeline which is what the project was set for on the 664) the timecode for the beginning of the clip shows to be 17:26:02:02.  Trying to eliminate variables I used the same audio clip and created a sequence from the clip and this time the start timecode shows 17:17:01:01 (it also assumes that the clip is DNx 145 clip shot at 29.97).


      I opened the same files in Premiere Pro CS6 and the media start time in the bin is exactly the same and it stays the same in a sequence that's set to 29.97 (it's switches to 16:42:27:00 in a 23.976 sequence).


      So - it appears that both CS6 and CC interpret the BWFs as 29.97 even though I just verified that the 664 is recording 23.976 and then CS6 handles the file differently than CC once it's in a sequence.


      Anyone else having issues with BWFs?  Which timecode to I trust to match?  (I had a timecode clock running that I shot at the beginning of each take on this shoot, planning to match that to the BWF timecode...)

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          Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I'm having a similar issue with footage shot 23.976 on Sony F55 camera and Sound Devices recorder. The timecode numbers on the audio don't match the original files as observed in Wave Agent and don't match the camera at all. I can manually change all those values but that is time-consuming and should be unnecessary.

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            Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

            The forthcoming update includes a fix for a bug involving the timecode displayed for audio-only content.

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              Bretacious1 Level 1

              How soon will this be posted? I'm in editing right now and this is a big problem as every take is off by a different amount, so I can't even do a global offset.



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                shaungish Level 1

                Was this issue ever resolved?  I'm running into the same issue with a bunch of audio recorded on a DEVA... the timecode doesn't show up correctly in Premiere and it's driving me nuts!

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                  Hi shaungish, I've also been running into this problem too. I'm working in Premiere 2014 8.0.1 (the latest update) on Mac 9.2.


                  I have two days worth of secondary production audio files from our sound recorder, and they should (and do) have matching timecode in relation to our video transcodes and raw files.


                  When I import the secondary production audio files (AIFF) into Premiere, the Starting Timecode and Ending Timecode are displayed in the bin/project as Drop Frame timecode. Unfortunately, we usually edit in 23.976 fps (and my 'Media' preferences are set to 23.976 fps Editing Timebase), and it doesn't seem as though the user has the option to change the bin/project timecode displays from Drop Frame timecode to Non-Drop Frame timecode to show the 'correct' starting and ending timecodes.


                  This becomes a pretty big annoyance when we have to overcut this production audio over the audio baked into the video transcodes. A quick look at the Starting Timecode/Ending Timecode appears to be "off", because the bin/project is stuck on showing only Drop Frame TC.

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                    Hi Shaungish, I don't believe this problem has been resolved yet as I have been supplied BWAV files from audio department on my production and the TC's are invariably incorrect when imported into Premiere CC 8.2 but spot on when tested in FCP 7 or Avid. I don't believe Premiere supports the BWAV's embedded TC - not sure what the workaround is... any ideas anyone?

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                      Bretacious1 Level 1

                      You can reset the timecode by clicking on right clicking on the file in the bin window then Modify Bret