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    One file from being able to sleep

    Lone Lobo Level 1

      I have a Premiere project that was created on a 5.5 system, then copied to a 6.0 system and relinked.  I still had the external transfer drive on while I finished the edit on the 6.0 system.  That was several months ago. Time to revisit the project and I find that there are 2 critical files, one video and audio and one audio only that are showing offline.  When premiere starts it asks where the first file is and I point to it on my internal raid, the sequence loads but shows it offline.  As well as the rendered audio file (music clip).  When I plug in the original external drive that was attached when the edit was finished, the sequence loads all files and plays perfectly.  Both missing clips are intact.  So obviously they are linked to the external drive.  I don't understand why the clip can't be relinked from my internal raid if it has the same name and same attributes.  Color me confused.