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    Animate CC is fantastic

    BigMucho Level 1

      I love this app, and I love this update.  Animate is maturing quickly, and has become serious-tool that I use daily. 


      One quick request:  can you guys(gals) show a little more love to the "code" window, or make it a little easier for us to edit JS externally?  It's do-able now, but kludgey.  Or, perhaps down the road we can get a "Edge Code" window inside Animate!


      Thanks for the hard work!

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the feedback and glad you like CC!


          I do have a question for you: How often do you find yourself using the main code editor over the actions popups? Totally get the code editor needs some love, but trying to rank it against other stuff we want to do



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            BigMucho Level 1

            Thanks Sarah,


            I use Animate to prototype new mobile GUI designs for my clients. I use the built in tools for laying things out, but I use one of several external js/jq libraries to handle interactivity, movement, etc.  So, for me, phase one is all in the layout window, phase two is almost entirely in the code-window.  I do use the pop-up code window when it's convenient, but most of the time Im in the main (big) code window making things jump-around. I know there are many professionals using Animate this way, but we're probably not in the majority. 


            But, that being said, I think "if you build it, they will come."  More robust coding features, and perhaps pulling up some of the Adobe Fireworks slack, and you'd have a lock on GUI/UX development.

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hey Sarah,


              I think I use them equally probably because I try to use composition ready for most of it. When I have code in symbols then it becomes easier to use the code window when I review the code.


              But, like others, I would like you to start adding formatting capabilities - I use notepad ++ when I have long portions to write or edit as I can have it choose javascript or html which is practical when formatting html in js or jquery code. I can switch between each formatting depending what I am doing. Then, when I am done, I copy/paste the code in Animate. So, if this was possible in the code window, it would be amazing.


              I wouls also like to be able to toggle on/off autocomplete tags for html like in DW.


              Since Animated is my primary tool right now, this would make my life easier!

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                John Hall Level 4

                As per another thread, this is one of my main apps and all of my stuff is single frame scripting. So I have to live in Sublime Text, which works, but as said above, a bit kludgey.

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                  I use the main code editor window exclusively.  I'd love to have find/replace and code completion!

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                    I go back and forth from the Animate code editor to Sublime Text. Find and replace would be great. An auto targetting tool would be great as well since the long "absolute pathing" is really prone to breakage and much frustration. I appreciate the fact that at least you're gathering all the code in one place!

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                      John Hall Level 4

                      And not to be a whiner about such a great effort, losing history whenever one closes the editor is a huge deal for me. No way to go back to the point where a condition was working using undo. Consequently, naming conventions like filename_V205 are not uncommon.

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                        mrnoble Level 1

                        you can try using something like git or subversion to track the js file and rollback old changes. or you can save your files using Dropbox which has rudimentary version control. this may require using the pro version: http://www.macinstruct.com/node/516