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    Premiere CC and Encore CS6

    Mr Eric J Newcomer

      It appers that there is no Encore CC version and it cannot dynamicly link to Premiere CC kindof a huge kink in my workflow! Anyone else having this issue? For a work around i exported my timeline in media encoder using the DVD presets.

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          ElJayBronx Newcomer

          This is very disturbing to my workflow.


          I make videos of operas. My clients want their operas on DVD. Unfortunately all my efforts to get them to consider Blu-Ray have failed. I sell 1 Blu-Ray to every 20 DVDs.


          The problem: Operas are LONG. They run 1:45 (short like LA BOHEME) - 2:15 (moderate like FAUST) hours (obviously without the intermissions).


          Anything much longer and I'm putting the opera on 2 discs. So far I've found burning to dual-layer DVD is not economic (the blanks are costly and unreliable and the failure rate is high; plus it takes three times as long to burn).


          So I've relied on the Dynamic Link to do "bit-budgeting", which it does decently.


          No Dynamic Link, no bit budgeting which means I have to play with the settings in Media Encoder, adding much time and effort to my work flow. ADOBE STOLE THAT TIME FROM ME. How difficult would it be to put Dynamic Link from PPro CC to Encore CS6? I'm not carping about not updating Encore. I just want my Dynamic Link back since Encore had an intelligence I don't want to have to develop about how to apportion the data on these discs.


          I also feel that they did this sneaky. I feel cheated. Anyone disagree?



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            John T Smith Legend

            >no bit budgeting which means I have to play with the settings


            Export DV AVI (regular or widescreen, as appropriate) and import the AVI in Encore... and tell Encore to use Automatic transcoding to make a "best fit" of time -vs- single or dual layer DVD


            Then, have Encore create an ISO instead of going to disc, and use the FREE http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download to write files or folders or ISO to disc for DVD or BluRay (send the author a PayPal donation if you like his program)


            Imgburn will read the ACTUAL disc brand from the disc, which is not always the same as the box label (Memorex is notorious for buying "anything" and putting it inside a Memorex box)


            When you write to disc with Imgburn, use the SLOWEST possible speed setting, so your burner has the best chance to create "good, well formed" laser burn holes... since no DVD player is required to read a burned disc, having a "good" one from a high quality blank will help


            Use Taiyo Yuden single layer or Verbatim Two layer Or Falcon Pro for inkjet printable Two layer

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              ElJayBronx Newcomer



              SO the idea is NOT to use PPro to make an already-transcoded file...interesting! I've been using ImgBurn for years and agree it's amazing. I have to use inkjet printable (Artisan 50 Printer). I've had very good luck with Encore's ISO images burning to disc, that's not the problem.


              My current workflow: Make video using Sony HDR-CX550V camera which puts out AVCHD at 1980x1020i. Cut (sometimes 12 performances in one project, each in its own sequence), add dissolves, titles, chapters. Dynamically link to Encore, set stop action/title button action/name video/make sure "image" is selected and set the place for it to save. Check for problems, usually none. Press "build". Wait about 2 hours or less. When Encore says "complete" it's time to burn the discs.


              What I'm trying to understand...I am getting from your post that the main thing I'm giving up is the time necessary to do a second transcode (to DV AVI using AME). Is there a way to get the chapters to come across or should i wait and create them in Encore? My only problem, if this works, is that it seems to force me to do two transcodes where before there was one...I guess it's better than trying to guess bitrates etc.



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                John T Smith Legend

                If you move to Premiere Pro Cloud you MUST export "something" from PPro, since it will not (from what I've read) use Dynamic Link to Encore CS6


                I think you can still export from PPro as MPEG2-DVD but that still requires bit budgeting... hence my AVI suggestion to then let Encore do the bit calculation


                Also, as pointed out in another thread, as time goes on, Adobe will NOT provide Encore CS6 updates for new Mac or Windows operating systems http://www.adobe.com/products/encore/faq.html

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                  Mr Eric J Newcomer

                  John i had no idea it was cancelled thanks for that link!

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                    squarepixelllc Newcomer

                    They cancelled Encore??? Has anyone from adobe walked into a store, any store, ever??? DVD and Blu-Ray are still valid and common items. This just let a lot of the wind out my sail towards Adobe, I was a big supporter of the cloud. Stupid, just stupid. How about they cut the dumb Behance stuff, and keep up on the programs that still have a place in the profesional community.

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                      ElJayBronx Newcomer

                      Here's the text of a letter I just faxed to Adobe corporate headquarters (for what it's worth):


                      Dear sir or madam:

                      I have just downloaded Premiere Pro CC and made a terrible discovery. I knew you had decided to retire Encore after CS6. What was not made clear was that you were wiping away the Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and Encore in the process.

                      Is that a necessary part of retiring Encore? It destroys my workflow and that of almost anyone who uses Premiere to make DVDs. I don’t notice a lot of extra help with the newly-necessary bit-budgeting process that the Premiere/Encore team was so good at to shoehorn large projects into single layer DVDs as I must.

                      I don’t WANT to know how the sausages were made, and you’re in effect making me a sausage-maker. I’m not very happy.

                      I note that you – after users including MYSELF complained mightily – put back the ability to directly mark a clip that you had taken away between PPro CS5.5 and CS6; can you not consider restoring the linkage between PPro CC and Encore CS6? I somehow think it would be less difficult for you to do that than for thousands of us to have to manually calculate our bit budgets. PLEASE consider restoring this valuable feature, or come up with an alternative such as adding in more granular and intelligent, and less esoteric, control of file size within PPro CC.

                      The fact is that while many users of video software are not making DVDs and Blu-Rays, and while it probably almost seems dishonest to continue to make updates to software that already does virtually everything it can do (referring to Encore here), restoring the link to the older version would be appreciated by the thousands of users who DO have to make DVDs for our customers.

                      Thanks in advance for your consideration of my point of view.


                      Does anyone here disagree with my point of view?

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                        ElJayBronx Newcomer

                        In defense of Adobe, my brother runs a far more professional-quality video-production shop than mine, and reports to me that although he has all the equipment to burn Blu-Ray and DVD, no client has asked for media to be delivered on those types of media for a long time...too late to ask him; maybe two or three years?


                        That's the professional corporate video market. I suspect that it's the same market that drives demand for PPro (even though we know the product has been used to deliver feature films). Also, Encore may well have run out of tricks. The last version went to 64 bit and transcodes way faster than previously. I just feel strongly - see next post - that they unnecessarily threw away an important component of the workflow of people who DO still write DVD/Blu-Ray. Less important with Blu-Ray for me; when I make up a Blu-Ray disc with 1080i footage it would take about 3 1/2 hours to come close to filling the 25Gig disc. DVD not so much (although I'd put 3 1/2 hours on two discs). Too much close bit-budgeting going on.



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                          ElJayBronx Newcomer

                          One more question for John...I can't find anything in Encore documentation as to whether AVI is the only acceptable transcode format. I gather you suggest it since if we make a DVD-MPEG file it won't transcode and WE have to do the trial-and-error. What about a flavor of h264 or quicktime? Is there a list of what Encore can "see" to transcode?



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                            Stan Jones Ninja

                            John is using a 2 transcode method: once to get the avi (which for his purposes serves as a "not too lossy" step), and again in Encore where he is using the "automatic" transcode setting to let Encore do the bit budgeting when it transcodes.


                            For DVD, the ONLY final format that Encore will not transcode again is MPEG2-DVD. (Bluray is another matter.)


                            Most users who are not using dynamic link a) export from Premiere/AME as MPEG2-DVD and do the bit budgeting or b) export a lossless intermediate from Premiere/AME (or frame serve), and transcode that to MPEG2-DVD using a non-Adobe transcoder.


                            The list of files Encore will import is here:



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                              John T Smith Legend

                              Grin... what Stan said, at 5:13 AM while I was still sleeping


                              I export AVCHD to Widescreen DV AVI since it has all the quality that I need... but I am NOT doing work for pay, only for family video http://forums.adobe.com/thread/652694


                              For me, the DVD's I make now are much better than the ones I made when I had a tape camera captured through a Pinnacle DV500 card... since the AVCHD I start with is much better than what came off the tape


                              For you... you may want to export to a lossless (and very large) file as Stan suggests and give that file to Encore... or do the bit budgeting yourself and export from PPro to MPEG2-DVD


                              Actually, you may want to do a test using both procedures... and see if you notice a quality difference between your calculations for MPEG2-DVD and the DV AVI route

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                                Mr Eric J Newcomer

                                The loss of being able to easily mark a clip was a huge bummer for me as well.

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                                  Stan Jones Ninja

                                  The loss of being able to easily mark a clip was a huge bummer for me as well.

                                  You can still export markers from Premiere, but I don't think we know yet what formats will work correctly with the "new" CC markers. I hope that the only change they made was in the GUI, and that the actual technical information being  transmitted in the xml files is the same.


                                  And it was a bit of a point to update markers. But no question; dynamic link was a very useful way to work interactively in creating DVDs and Blurays. Even if you abandoned it in the end and used exported files.

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                                    Stan Jones Ninja

                                    Grin... what Stan said, at 5:13 AM while I was still sleeping

                                    Well, it was 8:15 my time!

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                                      UNHAPPY_ADOBE_USER Newcomer

                                      You're lying adobe!!! This does not exist: http://helpx.adobe.com/encore/kb/encore-cs6-installed-cc.html

                                      You lie non-stop! First it's that 5gb files can be uploaded (no they can't, even with the application.) I talk to you people directly at nab and none of you had answer for that.

                                      Now i can't make a phucking dvd because you cut out encore!!!  The premiere cs6 fix doesn't exist anymore! You took it down!!

                                      I have phucking had it with you people!! I just need to make phucking dvd or blue ray! You are getting in the way of my productivity. Phuck you.

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                                        ElJayBronx Newcomer



                                        Not sure what just happened! Did Adobe remove access to CS6? I thought the deal was they'd leave it up indefinitely for just this reason.

                                        Have you contacted Tech Support? Hopefully someone from Adobe will see this...but I suggest not using so much ersatz profanity. I can't imagine they won't find a way to provide support for this.

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                                          UNHAPPY_ADOBE_USER Newcomer

                                          I've been nice and polite, even when I went to NAB regarding the inability to upload 5GB files. Adobe doesn't seem to pay attention, thus I figured if I got a little outrageous they would address the issue.


                                          BTW, when I contacted the online chat support last week about the issue, they insisted that Encore was included in CC. So I gave the Adobe support guy a link to his own Adobe site which clearly stated that Encore was not included in CC. He gave me a phone number to call. That call center also insisted Encore was included in CC.  I told her Adobe's own site says that it's not. The right does not know what the left hand is doing at Adobe.

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                                            ElJayBronx Newcomer

                                            I just went here: https://creative.adobe.com/products/premiere and note that there's a drop-down menu - located under the text " "In this version" - where you can choose to download CS6. You download the entire suite, then discard (uninstall) everything except Encore. It should work.


                                            I agree that it's annoying. Let's say there becomes a 4K version of Blu-Ray...how are we going to write them? Adobe owes us to acquire a new source of this capability. I know the problem is a licensing one with Encore - the company that developed Scenarist (on which Encore is based) sold it to a company called Rovi that has no intention of further developing it or licensing it to Adobe. That's not Adobe's fault. However, I understand Sony has a product that continues support; perhaps Adobe needs a new partner in this?


                                            For the moment, I believe you'll get Encore downloaded and working. I've found that the lack of dynamic link works in my favor. Encore used to make its own choices regarding transcoding and they didn't always look good. I use the export settings in PPro and fine-tune the results so that they just fit the disc. Right now I'm editing and transcoding performances of MIKADO and MADAMA BUTTERFLY for Amore Opera here in New York City (took the videos in 4K with my new FDR-AX100 camcorder and edited in pans, zooms, cuts and dissolves...from the ONE camera, to output in HD!)...BUTTERFLY is 2 hours 15 minutes and it's a challenge but I found settings that work very well indeed. Switching audio from PCM to AC3, then adjusting the target bitrate until the file size is JUST under the max (the offered file size estimate is just that, an estimate, often on the small side so I sometimes have to transcode more than once. I also use "Wide Progressive" exclusively, and Encore with the Dynamic Link wouldn't make a file that way that I could use. The look is FAR superior to the interlaced DVDs of yore). The singers and orchestra not being automatons, the show is slightly different lengths on different nights. A full transcode on my system takes about an hour. Making the actual disc takes about 3 minutes. Amazing to watch.


                                            You are DEFINITELY entitled to a copy of Encore CS6; you just have to fight for it. Let me know how you make out! Hint: Call corporate if the folks from India can't help you get it. They REALLY don't want to hear from us but they WILL help, in a pinch.

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                                              ElJayBronx Newcomer

                                              Oh...unlike John (above) I use MPEG2 - DVD as my export, and the file does NOT have to re-transcode in Encore. You just have to make sure to set the size right. I use H264 - Blu-Ray for Blu-Rays since the underlying file structure of the Blu-Ray that results is a huge .M2TS file (i.e. AVCHD). I love working in the new XAVC-S format that the FDR-AX100 uses. Just makes one great big MP4 file that loads easy as anything, no stitching together multiple MTS files anymore.

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                                                UNHAPPY_ADOBE_USER Newcomer

                                                I tried that. The latest version of the CC app does not show Premiere CS6 nor Encore cs6 available in the "In This Version" button. It only shows Bridge and 2 other apps.  Is my level of hostility starting to make sense now? I literally tried EVERYTHING. And Adobe defeated me at every turn.

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                                                  Stan Jones Ninja

                                                  I have not read the several posts following, but I just opened the page that you say is unavailable (using your link). Is it working for you now?



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                                                    Stan Jones Ninja

                                                    BTW, when I contacted the online chat support last week about the issue, they insisted that Encore was included in CC.

                                                    Encore CS6 can be installed using your CC subscription. I understand you have had problems, but it does work.I am short on time, and unable to review these posts.


                                                    Do you have it working yet?

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                                                      JEShort01 Champion

                                                      The drop-down box required to download CS6 (for CC users) does not show up if you are not logged on. Try logging on and that should allow you to follow the steps mentioned above to load CS6 Encore.





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                                                        jacedoug Newcomer

                                                        Yes, the link leads you to a CS6 download button, but it doesn't download. it does nothing.  It's just there to make it look like it's an option

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                                                          Stan Jones Ninja

                                                          It is working for lots of users.


                                                          Since you can see/select the CS6 button, I assume you are signed in to your cloud subscription. If it is not working, you need cloud installation help.


                                                          If no one provides an option here, go to the cloud forum and start a new thread titled "No Download when I click to install Premiere CS6"