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    Multifield within multifield?


      Hi there,


      I was browsing the forums and saw this thread about building a multfield within a multifield:



      It suggested several other alternatives instead of the nested multifield approach, but I just wanted to confirm whether or not CQ5 supports nested multifields or doesn't. I have a top navigation that has topics and then sub-topics that are displayed when the user rolls over an individual topic. Therefore, what I am trying to create is a custom xtype that has a pathfield dialog and a multifield of pathfield dialogs (because each topic could be associated with a variable number of sub-topics). I then need a multifield of this xtype because there could be multiple topics associated with a given section of the top navigation.


      I'm happy to provide more detail if this description is confusing. Thanks!

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          rush_pawan Level 4



          You can configure multifield inside multifield but as suggested in referred post you have to consider those as well if it applies to your case too.


          To configure multifield inside another multifield follow below


          1. create another node inside your multifield node as "fieldConfig" node type "nt:unstructured"

          2. now inside this node create a property "xypte" and set it with value "multifield"



          Now if you require to have multiple column field in multified widget then you have to customize it. Let me know if you need information on that.




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            mdp3 Level 1

            Thanks! I think I do want some information on what you described as the multiple column field, but am not sure.



            this.topicField = new CQ.form.PathField({           



                       allowBlank: false,

                       margins:{top:5, right:5, bottom:5, left:5},

                       listeners: {

                            change: {








                this.subtopicsField = new CQ.form.MultiField({



                        fieldConfig: {

                            "xtype" : "pathfield"



                        listeners: {

                            change: {







            //end code


            I've currently got code like this as part of a custom js file that is registering a new xtype. It works correctly when I simply use this xtype by itself (ie. just a node with the xtype that I've registered here) but when I go and create a multifield and put my new xtype in the fieldConfig node underneath it, it no longer works properly.


            Thanks for looking it over - I appreciate it!