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    Extensions are all greyed out

    JulesN Level 2

      All extensions that I have are all greyed out.  I can navigate to them to install, but obviously I can't click on ANY of them.  Never had this before.


      Using all CC products on Mac ver 10.8.4


      Thank you for any help!!!

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          JulesN Level 2

          OK... answering my own question, here!


          You have to go back to Extension Manager CS6 and convert all the extensions to ZXP.  That wasn't very clear... at least not to me.


          Then you can go ahead and install in CC!

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            hdbrew Level 1

            Hi,  Can you explain this a bit more.  I have a .zxp file that will not install in Extension Manager CC...and thus not in Photoshop CC, but it sounds like you've found a solution for files to now work in CC?  Did yours start as .zxp or .mxi?

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              JulesN Level 2

              The files used to be .mxp.  Open up your extension manager cs6 and highlight the file.  Click on tools > convert mxp extension to zxp.  Then save the file.  When you double click on the zxp file, it should now open up in the new extension manager cc version.


              Hope that helps!

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                DigitalXIII Level 1

                This sadly still doesn't help me. The Window > Extensions is still greyed out. I cannot figure out what the deal is but extensions will not load in Photoshop CC for me.

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                  Carl Sun Level 4

                  Please check the state of these extensions in Extension Manager CC. Are they enabled (with a checked state) or disabled (unchecked state)? Have you seen any error message when you install them in Extension Manager CC?

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                    DigitalXIII Level 1

                    Yes they are checked as enabled and no error message when I install them. The exchange panel that's supposed to be "built in" to Photoshop CC isn't even accessible.

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                      Carl Sun Level 4

                      Do you mean that you have installed some extensions with Extension Manager CC successfully, these extensions are listed in "Window -> Extensions" menu in Photoshop CC, but all the extension name menu items are greyed out?

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                        DigitalXIII Level 1

                        Yes, I installed extensions with Extension Manager CC successfully, no error messages. and the "Windows -> Extensions" menu is greyed out...nothing happens when I hover over it. I can't even mouse over it to see what is installed, it's just not available.



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                          johngury Level 1

                          Same thing here after trying to do the latest upgrades that released 1/15/14  

                          Second time this has happened and the fix last time took like three hours!!  And of course the Creative Cloud Desktop app upgrade itself fails, requires the ancient cleaner tool then the other CC installs fail in some other way.

                          This is MESSED up.  Healthcare.gov will get fixed before Abobe gets its act together with this CC and Exchange Rube Goldberg setup.

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                            Carl Sun Level 4

                            The posts above actually mentioned two different issues. One is that MXP is not supported in EM CC, so when a user clicks "Install" button in EM and browses to the folder where MXP is located, all MXP files are greyed out in browse file dialog box; another is that "Extensions" menu item is greyed out in products such as PS, DW, etc. Is your issue the latter one? We didn't release update on January 15. Which update have you installed? What is your operating system (Windows or Mac)? It seems that your main issue is CC product update issue. I guess http://forums.adobe.com/community/download_install_setup/creative_cloud_faq or http://forums.adobe.com/community/creative_cloud is better forum for your question.

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                              johngury Level 1

                              I solved the CC desktop update issues which seem to have now been fixed in the current CC desktop release, hoooray. They were listed at the top of the what's new notes and I can confirm success after repeated fails for the past year. But this Window->Extensions   grey out is still a problem and one that I have had to deal with in a long tech session before, so it is recurrent. An exchange panel dev person said to hang on for a new method but that was like 4 months ago.  I take this back U44M1P7 yet again!!!! This with an update success after a full uninstall then just a 14.0 without the latest 14.2 same as before gddammit! a 3 hour process. 

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                                I had the same issue. I open Extension Manager CC and saw there were 0 (zero) plugins/extensions installed. Clicked the exchange button which takes you to the Adobe extension website. Clicked PS and Free and found Kuler panel for CC 2014 and added it. Relaunched Adobe CC app. When it started it told me it need Admin permissions to install new plugin/extension. Gave permissions to program. Restarted PS and viola I have the extensions available in PS CC 2014. This has worked for me. Hope it helps everyone out.

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                                  clive179 Level 1

                                  After long talks with Adobe about the extension issues, I have finally been told by an expert from adobe that the extensions won't work as these are older programs and won't work on the CC2014 platform as its to advanced.  We have to wait for the companies program makes to catch up. Sorry if thats a little basic but I'm not into all the programming stuff and names about files etc.

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                                    johngury Level 1

                                    I can tell everyone definitively that Flash is completely deprecated in CC 14 in favor of HTML 5. That means the older CC Kuler etc. will no longer work in CC 2014. There are multiple adobe memos about this. There is a new HTML5 version of Kuler and an upload to BeHance that do work. In my case I can use upload to BeHance w/o problems since it is under the file menu and not under the Windows->extensions menu which is greyed out and not available.  Photoshop: Spring Cleaning | PHOTOSHOP.COM BLOG

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                                      I just checked and I don't have any of my Extensions or Plug-ins in CC 2014. But, they are shown. In Cs5.1. This suggests that I should cancel my subscription and be content  with going back to CS5.1. Thanks Adobe.



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                                        bacturis' fix worked for me. Close Photoshop, open Extension Manager CC, click 'Exchange' in top right of window. Install a new CC app (Kuler worked for me). Then close Extension Mangager CC, close Creative Cloud. Open up Creative Cloud again, and then Photoshop and Extensions should be no longer greyed. (at least for me).

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                                          bacurtis Level 1

                                          Glad you got it to work as I did. In fact I have since installed a few additional plugin through the Extenion manger and have had 100% success on what I use within the Adobe suite. Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Premiere and a\After effects I use purchased 3rd party plugns so.... anywho glad you found sucess in my findings jackdaveythinkingjuice.

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                                            SteveMo Level 1

                                            I also had this problem bt the fix was nothing to do with Extensions Manager. I tried all these things but eventually uninstalled Creative Cloud Desktop, then reinstalled from the CC site. I reopened Photoshop and it all worked, I could see the extensions menu and add-ons appeared.

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                                              svdesignmktg Level 1

                                              FIXED - In case this can help anyone, I was able to fix my problem with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2015 having the greyed out Extensions menu by doing the following. In Adobe Extension Manager CC, I saw that I had two extensions enabled. I knew that one extension was older, so I disabled and deleted it. Closed Premiere and reopened it and there was the activated Extension Menu. Hope this helps someone.