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    InDesign CC won't install

    at_play Level 1

      Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit

      16GB Ram

      500GB Hard Drive

      Intel Quad Core CPU


      When I click the install for InDesign CC  the software is slowly downloaded, much slower than any of the other apps.  It goes all the way through to Extracting and then it says "Waiting."


      It NEVER gets beyond the Waiting stage. I even left it going while I went to bed and came back 7 hours later and it was still waiting and not doing anything.   I canceled the operation and tried it again.  Samething occurs.  I checked Programs and Features to see if there is an old InDesign CS6 or even uninstalled CC version listed but none.  I opened up the Adobe Uninstaller to see if InDesign might be listed even though it isn't listed anywhere else and it wasn't there either.


      I tried again and still get the same thing, it just stops after extracting and is in "Waiting" mode without ever going further.