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    Acrobat Pro 9.5.5 - Multiple Page Template question

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      I have a document with 2 pages that I have created as a template so I can try to spawn the pages. I am having problem finding the correct syntax to get both pages of my 2 page PDF to spawn.


      This is the Javascript that  am using that I found from the planet pdf website.



      var expTplt = getTemplate("Client1");




      Page 1 of my pdf is template "Client1" and Page 2 of my pdf is template "Client2"



      I have tried to use this under the getTemplate command


      ("Client1","Client2") = this fails

      ("Client1, Client2") = this fails

      ("Client1")+("Client2) = this fails


      I looked at the Javascript API documentation and I could not figure out what the correct syntax is.


      It is possible to have both pages spawn?  If I just have the "Client1" in, Acrobat will spawn page 1.


      I am at a loss and any help would be appreciated. I am not much of a programmer at all.