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    Need help with a SWFLoader

      I have a application that is using a a VideoDisplay with cue points and I would like to have it cause several SWF's in the site act as if theuy have been clicked or moused over. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and if so let me know how?

      I want to give this SWF a click event.

      <mx:SWFLoader id="slPeel" x="0" y="-35" source="assets/movies/peel.swf" width="985" height="546"/>

      Here is the rest of it:

      <mx:VideoDisplay id="mvWelcome" x="465" y="226" width="520" height="390" source="assets/movies/Accufind_Shadows_002high.flv" backgroundAlpha="0.0" bufferTime="100" cuePointManagerClass="mx.controls.videoClasses.CuePointManager" cuePoint="cpHandler(event);">
      <mx:Object name="rollPeel" time="40"/>
      <mx:Object name="invOpen" time="55"/>
      <mx:Object name="end" time="70"/>

      private function cpHandler(event:CuePointEvent):void

      if (event.cuePointName == "end")
      else if (event.cuePointName == "invOpen")
      else if (event.cuePointName == "rollPeel")