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    Never leave CS6. CC pricing sucks, but this is even worse...

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      It has been discussed many times, the pricing of CC sucks and Europeans get ripped off by this Irish company with all its tax benefits.


      But there is worse news. Encore has been scrapped. You can no longer deliver on BDR or DVD if you go to CC.


      Adobe has single-handedly decided that Bluray and DVD are almost dead and the future is in delivering to iPhone or i-crap only. So they took away Encore altogether in CC. They have admitted they can withdraw any application from the Cloud when they like and you have to accept that. No recourse, no apologies, no refund, nothing. Take it or leave it.


      For me that is EOS. I will continue using CS6 untill I find a good replacement, but CC is not at all interesting without delivery to BDR or DVD. In fact it is a complete turn-off.

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