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    Why Premiere won't capture HDV


      Everything is set up fine. Premiere just doesn't work. Will not capture HDV.

      Kinda pissed since Adobe talked me into switching from Final Cut to Permiere and it doesn't work.

      Doesn't read in/out points, doesn't stop just keeps recording past in/out points, then at the end of the tape Premiere crashes.

      Great piece of work Adobe. Bet you've got a bridge to selll me too.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Bet you've got a bridge to sell me too.





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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            Even a big fan of Premiere Pro like me uses a third party capture utility most of the time for HDV.


            HDVSplit has been in beta forever, so don't let that bother you.

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              Hateinlife Level 1

              Yea, I've heard of those but what I insist on from an $1800.00 video editing suite is for it to actually work as expected. To be able to capture video itself without buying a separate piece of software. Am I naive thinking Premiere should be able capture video? On a side note it seems silly to me that people just accept that software doesn't do what it is supposed to do... what they paid for it to do and just buy a work-a-round at their own expense. Did you not already buy a video capture program called Adobe Premiere? I would think a proper stand up company selling things that don't work as they say it should, should GIVE AWAY the 3rd party software that makes their extremely expensive nonworking software acually work. I unfortuneately see how 'Murica is changing to a coproration first/consumers 2nd 3rd or 4th on importance.


              You got me Adobe, you marketed me over from a failed Final Cut Pro X. Good for you, however you didn't keep me, Goodbye.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                As far as I know HDVSplit is free


                As far as things working like they shoud... you are right... but that does not mean that Adobe will fix the problem, especially now that PProCC is the current version

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  I unfortuneately see how 'Murica is changing to a coproration first/consumers 2nd 3rd or 4th on importance.

                  Of course the corporation comes first. It almost always has.


                  Just keep in mind that what is good for the corporation is not always good for the consumer, so many corporations fail.


                  On the other hand, almost everything that is good for the consumer is good for the corporation in the long run, and successful corporations realize that the happier their customers are, the more money they will make.


                  I like to use Disney World as an example. Disney gives me what I want, and I can't throw money at them fast enough.  I spend it at Disney World without a second thought, on the passes, the food, almost everything. But when they overcharge for things I can get elsewhere it causes me to buy souvenirs for my young relatives at the nearby Walmart instead of at the parks. I buy them before we go to the parks so that the kids already have much of what they want and don't have any hands free to play with more. When they overcharge for things that only they can provide, then it really isn't overcharging, is it?


                  The problem is that people are assuming that Adobe will lose money when it loses customers and are not fully factoring in the gain of a huge number of suckers (I mean customers) who will pay the subscription fees month in and month out instead of coughing up $2500 all at one time. So, hmmm, maybe they are not suckers after all? Maybe they are people who find it easier to break into using better software at a low monthly price.


                  Keep in mind that lots of people who can't afford certain things outright, often rent them. From apartments to cars to furniture and even televisions. They rent storage facilities for 5 years for $100/month to store a bunch of stuff that is only worth $1000 in the first place.


                  Heck, sometimes people just like to have the knowledge that for the next year they are going to pay X number of dollars for this, and Y number of dollars for that. It helps them budget.

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                    Hateinlife Level 1

                    I like the Disney comparison and it makes sence. But what if you waited the longest time in line for your most favorite of favorite rides. The one you always start and end your day with because it's your favorite and it so much fun. The day just wouldn't be the same without it.  Now imagine you get on the ride first thing at the park. It starts, you go up... and up... and up... it gets to the top and just before you go over with screams from everyone on the ride with you... a voice comes over a loud speaker and says the ride jammed we'll have to restart it. So you relax and the ride slowly goes backward to the start point again. The voice comes over again and says here we go! Up, up up you go again, then, just at the top, the voice again... Now imagine repeating this on your most favorite of rides again and again until you just say stop, let me off. Can you imagine that? Well, that's how I feel using Premiere.

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                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                      It is more like when you get to the top, some big strong guy offers to push you over the top so your ride can proceed normally. He doesn't ask for anything in exchange, he just offers his help. If you want to tip him after the third or fourth ride, you buy him a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar.


                      HDVSplit is a free program that gets you to the point where Premiere Pro can now do the job. It is merely a jumpstart. And a better tool than the original one in Premiere Pro.

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                        jdmack01 Level 1

                        Which version of the software are you using?  HDV capture works fine for me in CS5.5. 


                        Open up the capture screen.


                        Click on the "settings" tab at the top right of the window


                        Under the "capture settings" box near the top, click on "edit" just below this box.


                        Change capture setting from "DV" to "HDV" and click OK.



                        I'm presuming it works this way in CS6 and CC.


                        J. D.

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                          Hateinlife Level 1

                          I'm using Premiere CS6 on a Mac so HDVSplit is no use to me. I'm stuck with Premiere to capture HDV and it won't.

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                            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                            What "doesn't work"?


                            Do you have the program set to capture HDV like jdmack01 instructed in post #9?


                            Does it look like it is capturing but does not create a file? Are you sure your camera is set to HDV?


                            You have to get more specific and maybe another Mac user will come along and help you.