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    Observations On Photoshop CC So Far

    Hudechrome Level 2

      Ok, not too far at the moment but I want to comment on what I see after install and first look.


      The installation...seamless if slow (45min at least to install from the get-go). A bit of confusion over the fact that Bridge is now independent from PS.


      The first thing I noticed is that the workspace is really clean, almost elegant. It it a joy to my eyes to use. Next I went to my favorite tool about which I have had severe criticism in CS6, the crop tool.


      It now works far better than CS6. You fixed the major objections I had. The only thing to catch may attention is that there is a switch to not center the crop. It doesn't work. Or maybe I don't understand what it actually means. Also, the additional crop proportions I added to CS6 did not transfer to CC.


      But then I saw there is no Close or Minimize button! Not being able to minimize is a problem as I frequently have 2 or more windows running.


      What's going on here?

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          If you are on Mac, make sure the Application Frame (under the Window menu) to see the minimize and close buttons. If you are on Windows, I can only imagine that the buttons are simply off screen because the application is sized larger than. Right-click on the application tab in the task bar and choose Maximize there, it should resize it to fit on your screen.


          As for Crop, I assume you are referring to the option "Auto Center Preview". If you turn this option off, when you click and drag on one of the handles to scale the crop box, it will grow (shrink) in that direction, but the other sides will stay exactly where they were. If you have this option on, all sides will move with the scaling to make the crop box stay perfectly still in the center.

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            Hudechrome Level 2

            Thanks for the info on the crop tool.


            So far as the buttons Max and Closed are concerned, they are not there because my settings in Prefs>Interface reverted to default which checked "Open Docs..." and "Enable floating...". I went back to CS6 to see what I had set and saw my problem. Now it works as before, but the simplicity is gone.


            With "Open Docs..." checked you get the clean, elegant look so it's either or.


            There is a tiny "X" next to the file name when "Open Docs..." is checked which does allow for closure, but not to minimize.


            I'm on Windows 7.

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              EricBier Level 3

              Try using the "F" key shortcut to cycle through different views.