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    New problems with Acrobat 11.03 for Mac


      I'm having new problems with my Adobe Acrobat 11.03 for Mac.  These issues are relatively new and did not occur when I first bought the product about 9 months ago.


      1) When scanning documents from an HP scanner into Adobe on my Mac, the scanning works fine, but a multi-page document (scanned as one) is saved as a separate PDF for each page.  Bothersome to then have to combine all those separate files into one doc.  I can do it, just don't think I should have to take the time.


      2) Occasionally, when working in Adobe, the menu bar at the top will disappear when I click on the Adobe icon or a previously saved PDF.  Very frustrating.  Can't make a note or save the document without knowing the shortcuts, as the menu has disappeared.  Once I click somewhere outside Adobe, the menu bar reappears for the other programs.  This happens over and over. 


      Any ideas?