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    GTX470 or MOBO problem?


      I am trying to decide what needs repair (GPU, MOBO) and would like some expert opinions:

      Using  ASUS P6X58D-E, 12 GB, Nvidia GTX 470,  Corsair 750w PS, PP 5 and PP CS6 with GPU accelerated MPE. 


      When a timeline is active and contains effects such as opacity, multiple layers, and keyframed motion the playback display suddenly became extremely sluggish.  That is, scrubbing will freeze the Program monitor display for 10-20 seconds, CPU will not respond to mouse clicks (such as selecting another sequence).  Also, the Program monitor display sometimes shows horizontal lines on frames with levels, RGB curves or luma curve on the clips.


      When I change to MPE with software only, behavior is normal.


      I have run a video memory stress test that found nothing wrong, and ran MemTest86, showing nothing. 

      Afterburner shows the GPU usage and Bus usage going to 100% during scrubbing across the timeline.


      What tests can I run to figure out what to fix?

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Welcome to the forums!


          What CPU and disk drives are you using and have you tried any overclocking?  Try our Premiere Pro BenchMark program and we may be able to answer your question.  Have you ever tuned your OS to get rid of unecessary processes?

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            housailorr Level 1

            the CPU is i& 950 @ 3.07.  OS is 10K VelociRaptor, 300 GB. Project and files: 2 TB Raid 0 via eSata; Media Cache on 1TB F3.


            The problem just started a few days ago.  Until then performance was good.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Do you happen to use a CC subscription? If so, the 5 processes that are loaded automatically do consume quite some memory and CPU cycles. Over 100+ K of memory. You can easily kill the process tree and remove those processes. A diligent look at all the running processes may help as well. From the sound of it, your problem is more likely caused by some background processes or services than hardware issues.

              Of course it may also help to clean up your disks and defragging them. I'm currently busy removing all the crap Adobe installs with their lousy installer, occupying more than 2 GB of unwanted and unnecessary files and directories in around 44 languages all over the place, replicating them in at least 25 different locations. We are talking about around 2500 directories, a multiple (of 2500) number of files and huge amounts of space and bandwidth for downloading CC, that can all be safely removed, but it is manual labor...

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                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Along the line of Harm's discussion above on the cost of the "Dark" Cloud participation I have a measure of reduced CPU performance.  With my x58 i7-980X system running at 4.2 GHz with 24 GB of RAM I have loads of data running the CPU only MPEG2-DVD encoding.   The numbers before CC installation were 544 +/- 3 seconds.  After CC installation the timing the timing for this CPU only run has increased slightly to about (not enough runs yet) 569 +/- 2 seconds.  Twenty five seconds is not a huge increase but positively shows CC is stealing CPU cycles

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                  housailorr Level 1



                  Yes, I just subscribed to CC a week ago, but I am working heavily with a project in CS5 and noticing the severe problems also.  I kep this project in CS5 because I am polishing the project and did not want to complicate life by using CC (not really up to speed fully yet).


                  While testing and observing performance of CPU and GPU (using Process Explorer and Afterburner) the GPU results began to improve suddenly.  (I hate computers!)  I can no longer see the GPU usage pegging to 100%.  So, I opened the suspect project in the Cloud version of CS6 and I get comparable results as with CS5. 


                  In fact, the Afterburner data shows the GPU usage around 10% max, and Bus usage at 0% - it was mirroring the GPU usage.  Also, I was not showing any activity on the FB usage or the Vid usage graphs before gut now they are registering about 5-7%.


                  The Afterburner results (although I don't comprehend each graph's significance) make me suspicious that the 470 is the culprit.


                  Unfortunately, replacing the 470 requires purchasing used stuff.  A couple of reputable-looking sellers on Ebay have some taken out of upgraded machines.  I guess I'll grab one before they become extinct.

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                    housailorr Level 1



                    I ran tests with PPBM5 using CS5 and found the current results to be about 10% slower than benchmarks when I first assembled the machine 2+ years ago.  The Disk I/O have taken the biggest hits since then (103 to 122), the H.264 went from 97-104, the software rendering times went from 115 to 127, and the CPU accelerated times went from 11 to 12.


                    The current times are after running PerfectDisk defrag on all volumes. 


                    As yet, I have not done any cleanup of files from the OS, but Harm's comments and yours make me move that to a higher priority.  Also, I have about a dozen or more processes that don't need to load all the time so I will try to remove these. 


                    I only use the computer for NLE and uploading files to clients and to YouTube for approval copies, so I don't have much extraneous junk other than what Adobe has dumped during installs, and my Internet security stuff. 


                    If my GPU is the culprit (as I now suspect), would I be better off replacing it with a GTX 570 or 580?  Since I am forced to the used market the prices are not much different.  I looked at the PPBM5 results comparing 470 and 560/570 data and it was inconclusive.  I found a comparison published on Studio 1 Productions that showed the 570 to be only about 5% faster than the 470 using PPBM5 benchmarks.


                    Thanks for your support.

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                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                      When ever you have those lines on frames like that and it's not interlacing artifacts, the frame buffer for the video card is corrupt. This means you have Vram on the card going bad. Sometimes you can get the same corruption from bad system ram but more likely than not it's the video card.




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                        housailorr Level 1

                        Thanks for the info.  When I saw the lines and some other visual problems I found a video memory stress test to run.  It showed nothing wrong, but I don't know how conclusive it is. 


                        Another visual problem I see on occasion is a black and white checkered triangle in the lower left of the program monitor on clips with video color effects applied.  the triangle occupies about the entire quarter of the image.  Usually, when this occurs it will go away if I reboot.  This behavior has made me suspect RAM, but until now I thought it might be the CPU ram.

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                          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                          The Video Stress tests don't necessarily test every page of the video ram. If you have bad modules in the upper range you will only see it when those pages are used. I would not rely on that. GPU acceleration uses far more VRam than just buffering for playback. That is likely why you see those lines when the MPE is on and dont when it's off.