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    Can you remove images via front-end web app edit form?

    MikeConnolly Level 2

      I've noticed that after adding a web app item with an image field, when looking at the edit form;
      the image field's input type=file, value is set to the current uploaded image.


      Is there a way to clear this field to remove the current image on the front-end edit?


      I've tried following two approaches:


      1. Just before submit, setting the image input value to be empty, but I think it just ignores field if it's blank?


      2. Tried replacing <input id="myfield" type="file" value="/image.jpg"> with an alternative hidden field, e.g. <input id="myfield" type="hidden" value=""/>


      My scenario, organisation uploads a series of images; then later decides to remove one of them by editing their entry via a web app edit form.

      Is this at all possible?