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    Photoshop-Dreamweaver Integration


      Why in the world did Adobe take away the "save for web" options when inserting a PS file into DWCS6?  Now, to get my images in, I either have to make them small in PS (which I don't want to do, cause I want them for print too) or export them for devices and have jpgs that are not linked.  Why would you take a wonderful, useful feature and just dump it?  When I tried resizing the big PS images after bringing them into DW, the quality was terrible.  I adored my PS/DW integration - now it is effectively gone!  This is the worst thing you have done since dumping the FTP utility a while back.  Will we get this feature back too?  I hope so.  You should not take things away!  Adding new features - fine.  Stop taking things away!!!  We are using them.  I am very, very angry.

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          Is there a question somewhere in your post?  I don't see one but my eyes are not good at the moment due to tiredness.  Perhaps you could ask a direct question for a direct answer.  Personally, I am not fond of CC but the reason is quite different than most people's here.

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            Are you talking of a feature in Photoshop that was removed?

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              Yes, I am.  I’m a Photoshop artist, so with DWCS5, I would make my full-size (8 x 10, 300ppi) files in PS and then insert the layered PSD files into DW using the insert window that came up that was exactly (or almost exactly) like the Save for Devices window in PS.  I would size them right there in that window and place them on the page.  Voila.  Perfectly sized and looking great.  Now, since all I have is that one slider when I insert a PS file, I can no longer do this.  The file comes in huge, and when I resize it, it looks awful.  All my control is gone.  My wonderful one-click updates…GONE.




              The only thing I see now as my alternatives are to either Save to Devices out of PS, in which case I end up with jpg files that are in no way linked back to PS. Or I can make my PS files already sized for the web.  I don’t want to do this, cause I need my PS files for print too.  I could also do my full-size PS art and then make a small version for DW, which I could have integrated back to PS for one-click updating.  The problem with this is that now I would have to have two PS files and would have to resize every time I make a change and want my DW file updated.  This approach also introduces the possibility of overwriting the large file with the small file by accident and all my work for print being ruined.  Even with files with two different names, this is a real possibility since they are identical on the screen, and in a busy work day, accidents happen.




              Either way, more work for me and a chance to introduce errors. Whatever possessed Adobe to change this feature?  It was working just great.  I just started using CS6 after creating my site in CS5.  I was watching the Lynda.com title to refresh myself and learn about what is new.  When I heard the instructor say that the save for web window was now gone from the insert image function and replaced with one slider, I almost had a stroke!  I ran to my desktop to try it and was horrified!  I couldn’t see any way around this awful change without more hassle and work for me and/or the loss of my beloved one-click updating.   




              Please put this feature back.  Saving for web right inside DW was perfect, and the one-click updating was a dream.  Why did you ever take it away in the first place?  Has Adobe gotten to the point where the programs are so good that all changes can do is make them worse?  If so, STOP IT, and let us keep the tools we have come to depend on.




              I wish there were some way for me to go back to DWCS5 just for this one feature, but of course, this is not an option.  I love PSCS6.  Nice added features with no horrifying omissions.




              Jeanne Bertolina

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                Well, I guess this is mostly a rant.  I am so mad that a perfectly good feature which was making my DW workflow so much easier is now gone in CS6.  I’m not in the cloud, just use CS6 on my machine.  That whole cloud business is another story.  I resent Adobe’s attempts to force us all into the cloud by offering exclusives, etc.  Many of us do not want or need the cloud.  I don’t need a zillion programs, only 4.  They make it sound like a bonus for me to sell me a dozen programs that I don’t need and will never use.  And I certainly don’t want to pay monthly and be at the mercy of whatever Adobe chooses to charge me or else get cut off.  No pick and choose and pay for only what you want.  Only top features for top dollar.  Adobe is becoming more like Apple every day.  Don’t sell your customers what they want – force them to buy what you want to sell them. 




                But I digress.  What I want now is to have importing graphics from PS into DW to be as fully featured as it used to be.  Why would Adobe, who brags so much about the robust integration between the programs in their suite, take away a feature that aids in doing that?  I just want for someone who has the ear of the Dreamweaver program designers to yell at them for me.  Loudly!!!  Put the features back into the import from PS into DW function.

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                  Hi veryveryangry


                  Because this is a Photoshop feature, I am moving your thread to that forum so that people who best understand this feature reply to your post.




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                    Moved back to the Dreamweaver forum because the OP was referring to functionality removed from Dreamweaver, not Photoshop.

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                      Ok, so sorry for all the ranting.  I was just so furious when I discovered that one of my favorite workflows was no longer available to me.  I wanted to punch someone.  Someone from Adobe of course.  So I got on the first forum I could find.   I’m calmer now, but I suppose what I want to know is who the best person to contact at Adobe is to express my desire to have my beloved functionality back or some reasonable way to work around it.  I was assuming that Adobe monitors the user forums to see what people are saying, but maybe not.  Would love to hear their reason for the change.  I think it’s probably something like, “Well, most people aren’t doing that anymore, so we’ll drop it.”  Most people is not everyone.  Before I upgraded to CS6, I made sure my site would still be able to have “hotspot” links.  I realize this kind of linking is old school, but it’s a very important feature to me.  I have them all throughout my site.  Whew – hotspots still supported in CS6.  Then this…