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    Bridge 6.3 and Bridge CC incompatibility (bug?)

    grampus45 Level 1

      I've installed Photoshop CC and Bridge CC.  I already have a licensed copy of CS6.3.


      I now find that, when I reboot and open Bridge 6.3, it crashes upon being closed (indicating that Bridge "unexpectedly quit," and it throws up a page of error messages).  Sometimes, after I open Bridge CC, which, at least so far, is working fine, Bridge 6.3 works correctly, closing without crashing.  But it continues crashing upon closing far more often than not.


      Bridge 6.3 was working just fine prior to my installing Bridge CC.  So I suspect there is some unfortunate interaction between the two. Whatever error messages are created during the crash have been sent to Adobe via their automatic link. 


      Has anyone else encountered this anomaly?


      thank you,



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          grampus45 Level 1

          Here is the crash as reported by the CS6 Problem Report:  It clearly has to do with Switchboard.


          Thread 6 Crashed:

          0   SwitchBoardClient                       0x000000011428126e adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue::processOneRequest() + 236

          1   SwitchBoardClient                       0x0000000114281c31 adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue::run() + 149

          2   SwitchBoardClient                       0x00000001142868a3 boost::_mfi::mf0<void, adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue>::operator()(adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue*) const + 97

          3   SwitchBoardClient                       0x0000000114286911 void boost::_bi::list1<boost::_bi::value<adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue*> >::operator()<boost::_mfi::mf0<void, adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue>, boost::_bi::list0>(boost::_bi::type<void>, boost::_mfi::mf0<void, adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue>&, boost::_bi::list0&, int) + 65

          4   SwitchBoardClient                       0x000000011428694e boost::_bi::bind_t<void, boost::_mfi::mf0<void, adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue>, boost::_bi::list1<boost::_bi::value<adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue*> > >::operator()() + 54

          5   SwitchBoardClient                       0x000000011428696c boost::detail::thread_data<boost::_bi::bind_t<void, boost::_mfi::mf0<void, adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue>, boost::_bi::list1<boost::_bi::value<adobe::switchboard::ConnectionQueue*> > > >::run() + 28

          6   SwitchBoardClient                       0x00000001142222be thread_proxy + 89

          7   libsystem_c.dylib                       0x00007fff8c0a97a2 _pthread_start + 327

          8   libsystem_c.dylib                       0x00007fff8c0961e1 thread_start + 13



          Thread 6 crashed with X86 Thread State (64-bit):

            rax: 0x0003000000000000  rbx: 0x0000000114083f50  rcx: 0x00000001145d5b20  rdx: 0x0000000114083fc0

            rdi: 0x0000210000002203  rsi: 0x0000220000002200  rbp: 0x00000001145d5d80  rsp: 0x00000001145d5b90

             r8: 0x0000000000002060   r9: 0x00000001145d5b20  r10: 0xffffffffffffffff  r11: 0x0000000000000206

            r12: 0x0000000000008903  r13: 0x0000000000000000  r14: 0x0000000114086d00  r15: 0x0000000114222265

            rip: 0x000000011428126e  rfl: 0x0000000000010202  cr2: 0x000000010d2a1000

          Logical CPU: 1

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            grampus45 Level 1

            Well, at the risk of jinxing things, the above crash report seems to have provided a hint that has led to a fix.  The issue seemed to be with Switchboard, which is not something with which I am familiar.  However, a quick Google search determined that Adobe Switchboard is used to communicate among various ancillary items, such as Mini Bridge.  So, I opened Mini Bridge in CS6, and, sure enough, it posted a message saying that "the item could not be found."


            So I massaged it a bit, closing and reopening, and, lo!, it began to work.  Then went back to close out Bridge 6.3, and, at least so far, all has worked well – no further crashing.  So apparenly the switchboard was shut down, quite likely due to whatever mucking about took place during the install of CC, but was able to reestablish itself.


            At least I can hope.

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              grampus45 Level 1

              Welll, it seems my optimisim is a bit overblown.  The "fix" I described above does indeed seem to correct things for a while, but the issue returns after the computer has gone into a good night's sleep. 


              Reopening CS6 and MiniBridge seems to re-establish communications for another session, but it appears the fix is not permanent.


              Has anyone any idea why this might be happening?




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                AnnShelbourne Level 2

                I think that if we have two versions of Bridge on a computer its probably advisable to give each its own Bridge Cache Folder?


                The problem with the screw-up over Bridge CC not yet having AOM is that we have to keep two versions of Bridge on the same System and I can't believe that this is a good idea.


                But, until we get AOM restored to Bridge CC, I don't see any alternative.


                And Lr is absolutely NOT an acceptable alternative to AOM!!!!

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                  Level 5

                  CameraAnn wrote:


                  …until we get AOM restored to Bridge CC…



                  AOM???  As in "Adobe Output Module"?


                  You mean they actually took it out in the CC (Cash Cow) version? ??? !!


                  Honestly, I am of the opinion that those who climbed aboard the CC model have failed to read the Terms of Service of the contract published by Adobe.


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