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    Link & Locate NIGHTMARE!

    KulorDS Level 1

      Spend the last bit updating all my software to CC version, and am already regretting it. I have been presented with a verrrry annoying and extremely perplexing issue with PPro specifically.


      I opened up a project I've been painlessley on in CS6 to be presented with the always-happy-to-see-you Media Offline screen on a few Dynamic Linked clips. I say to myself "hey, this will be a great opportunity to check out how useful the new Link & Locate feature is! Well...it is not.


      My media hasnt moved since the upgrade, and L&L has no problem finding the said .aep file. But when I go to click "select" in the dialogue box, nothing happens. At all. The file is there, it hasnt changed, it just wont open up. It's like they hid a line of code in the "select" button that has the sole intent of pissing me off.


      So I try some things. First, I make another duplicate of the file, and move it to a different folder. Nothing. Then I try using Windows Explorer to select it (via disabling "Use Media Browser to Locate Files"). Nothing.


      I cannot figure it out. Nothing I have tried will actually let me SELECT the file that never changed.


      Thankfully I'm not an idiot, and I can still work in CS6, but this is going to annoy me if it is not a wide-spread error.