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    Snapping in AE CC

    SteveBlacker Level 1

      Hi there,


      Maybe I'm just being dense and I'm missing something obvious... 


      I just updated to AE CC and I'm trying to use the new snapping feature in the Comp window.  However, any time I use cmd+drag to try to snap one layer to another I get an error message saying: 


      "After Effects error: unable to invert matrix. (17::45)"


      I've tried enabling the "Snapping" checkbox, too, but that only inverts the behaviour.  (In other words, trying to click and drag a layer in the comp window *without* using the command modifier triggers the error.  Once the error pops up, I have to click OK numerous times before it goes away.  Most perplexing.


      The problem is happening on any layer I try - including imported Illustrator files.


      I'm working on a Mac Pro dual quad core, 32GB RAM, Mac OS X Mountain Lion.