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    adobe application manager failed to install

    oregonoregonoregon Level 1

      No other information

      No error number

      how do i get support?

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          Revv Level 1

          Got the exact same message. Looks like the update removed the shortcut from the desktop and control panel as well. Running 'Help | updates...' seems to function still. Perhaps they rolled the application manager into the suite and pulled it as a separate app? If this isn't by design Adobe really should look into this...





          More information...I decided to search for PDapp.exe and run it manually. Doing so showed the same "updating" message as before. This time it completed -- and had installed a "Creative Cloud" link on my PC (visible shortcut on desktop and in Control Panel. Now, it's just me, but I don't appreciate other programs being installed on my PC without my consent. Application Manager is pushing it already -- now I have yet another program junking up my environment.


          Adobe -- can we uninstall this "Creative Cloud" application that you pushed to us? I am a perpetual license customer and I don't have anything to do with your "Creative Cloud". I didn't ask for the program, I don't want the program. Why was it installed as an update to application manager?

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            Photomagica1 Level 1

            Same problem. Tried to uninstall Adobe Application Manager with a view to reinstalling but it did not come up in the list of programs. Adobe???

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              Revv Level 1

              Right now, I'd chalk this up to an update misfire by adobe. You can run the App Manager from within each adobe app or by running PDapp.exe. Rerunning PDapp.exe will alow the update to complete -- and add a Creative Cloud App to your system.


              I'm hoping Adobe clears up what we need to do (particularly those of us who don't need any "Creative Cloud" components).

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                Photomagica1 Level 1

                Found this message from staff in another Forum area and it worked for me. Note - others said it didn't for them. YMMV!



                Please rename the OOBE Folder to OOBE_old from these Location.


                ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe

                /Library/Application Support/Adobe


                Once done please download and install Adobe Application Manager from this location.


                MAC :http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4774


                Please let us know if it helps.



                Jatin Dembla


                Then I launched the photoshop download and directed it to the PDapp.exe in the new OOBE folder when asked to do so. Download is nor proceeding.

                hope this helps.

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                  Lee_Ann_H Level 2

                  Sorry to hear you're having issues.  Have you tried all the steps below?

                  1. Uninstall AAM that is currently installed

                  2. Clear your browser cache and browser history**

                  3. Restart browser

                  4. Go to creative.adobe.com/products and try and install an app


                  Please let us know if these steps do not solve your issue and any specifics that you're still encountering.

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                    Revv Level 1

                    Lee Ann,


                    There is no entry in Add/Remove programs. The update has effectively "uninstalled" the program as far as Windows can tell (the program works fine when run through explorer or through HELP | UPDATES in Adobe Applications). Additionally, the update installs "Creative Cloud" for perpetual license users.


                    I think an update to fix the update needs to be released.

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                      Lee_Ann_H Level 2

                      Hi Revv, it looks like the original poster is having a different issue.  If you would like to remove AAM from your machine, have you tried the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool ?

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                        Revv Level 1

                        Hi Lee Ann,


                        Actually this is a very similar problem I am experiencing. My situation started out with the same error message, albeit with an update from Applicaiton Manger. The update started and I got the error message:

                        adobe application manager failed to install


                        Following the update, the application manager shortcut was gone from the desktop.


                        Reading my above posts, you can see I was able to make the update go through by running PDapp.exe through explorer.


                        Once the update completed I had Creative Cloud on my desktop -- but no Application Manager.


                        I don't want to remove AAM from my system -- I want to know why an Adobe update applied through AAM pulled my AAM shortcut from the desktop and installed extra unwanted software (Creative Cloud)?

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                          JBRIV Level 1

                          Of course I had the same problem as others. I renamed the OOBE folder within Program Files (X86)\common files\adobe, reinstalled the new application manager that I had previously downloaded and attempted to download, and this time it worked. File is downloading.

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                            privatename92 Level 1

                            I'm going to write this information cause it was so darn frustrating and after two days I finally got it - so here goes - resolution:


                            I'm running windows 7, and was trying to download cloud which apparently I was forced to do based on my subscription base (was on CS6 before that)


                            Step 1: start task manager and close ALL adobe running apps including akami session

                            Step 2: click on the windows icon and type in search bar %appdata%, enter

                            Step 3: in browser bar above of folder, click on "appdata" (my file directory when i typed step two was C:\Users\study\AppData\Roaming, and I need to be be at C:\Users\study\AppData)

                            Step 4: Click Local, then Adobe, then oobe, delete the oobe file

                            Step 5: Go the the following to download the "cleaner tool": http://download.macromedia.com/pub/creativecloud/cleanertool/win/Adobe _Creative_Cloud_Cleaner_Tool.zip

                            Step 6: Unzip the file and click on the AdobeCreativeSuiteCleanerTool.exe, that was in my directory as follows (dependent on where you download and unzip of course) C:\Users\study\Downloads\adobe_creative_suite_cleaner_tool (1)\win


                            Step 7: select (e) in the black box for "english", select (y) for yes, select creative cloud (whichever option # that is) and again anything with creative cloud (this did NOT delete my other adobe files, which I feared may - but I was simply instructing it to clean/delete the creative cloud.

                            Step 8: close the black window

                            Step 9: Click here: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4773  and download the creative cloud adobe application manager

                            Step 10: Run the application

                            Step 11: Log in and download the software you want


                            If that doesn't work, what I did is between steps 4 and 5 I restarted my computer, then I went into task manager and closed all adobe apps.  I'm not sure I had to do this step but I was desperate after 2 days doing whatever.  Each tech person gave me different information.  The last person helped me best, but I spoke with her via chat AFTER I had rebooted the computer.  If you need support clickhttp://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html and I personally did the "chat" so I wouldn't have to wait.


                            Hope this helps anyone who hasn't figured it out! 

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                              cklukas Level 1

                              Actually the link you have posted is for PC...


                              Here is the correct link for MAC: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=4774&fileID=4438