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    Photoshop CC Not Seeing All My RAM in Performance Preferances Panel


      With PS CS6, when I go to the "Performance" panel under Preferances it tells me that "Available RAM is 10988 MB, Ideal Range 6043-7911, and I have Let Photoshop Use set to 7472 or 68%"  This makes sense as I have 12 GB of RAM on the system.  However, when I open the Performance panel in my newly downloaded Photoshop CC is says the the "Available RAM is 3255 MB, Ideal Range 1790-2343 and I have Let PS Use set to 2115 or 65%.  But why is Photoshop CC only seeing such a small amount of RAM while CS6 gets it right and sees it all?? I don't want to take a perforamnce hit! 


      Thanks for any help.