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    GPU Rendering with Premiere CC with GeForce GTX 560 Ti not working

    Barre2Faire Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I just installed Adobe Premiere CC and started to learn it.


      I am not able to take advantage of my graphic crad when I rander a video but I can't quite figure out what I am doing wrong.

      Looking at GPU-Z, there is no load on the graphic card.


      What I did:

      • I made sure I selected the GPU Acceleration (CUDA) in the Project Settings.
      • When I export, I choose the H.264 format with the YouTube HD 720p 29.97 preset.
      • I get the same rendering time with software or gpu project setting.



      • Intel i7 920
      • GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024MB
      • Latest NVIDIA drivers 320.18
      • Windows 8 64 bits
      • Dual monitor


      I would really appreaciate some help on this.


      Thanks a lot!