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    Transfer workspace from CS6 to CC


      Where is the workspace file? I want to transfer my workspace from CS to CC. Dreamweaver was no problem.

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which OS? It may not be possible.

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            anbucco Level 1

            OS X - maybe someone knows a solution

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              I'm doing this on 10.8.4


              You will have to go to your user /library/preferences....but since osx 10.xx (I dont know which one exactly) the Library folder is hidden SO...


              ....In your FINDER menu under...


              GO (hold down alt and you will see library apear among other things), click on it


              go to preferences/ find your “previous CS product settings” folder/find workspaces/copy them to the workspaces folder of your CC product


              I did this with illustrator an indesign and it works, i copied my workspaces from CS6, and i have done the same thing when going from CS5-CS6.

              This time is a little different. “Illustrator CC setting” folder ......is called “Illustrator 17 settings” and for indesign is “version 9.0” folder.

              Of all the CC products only Photoshop asked me if i wish to import my previous workspaces.


              I wish those guys developing different apps would talk among themselves once in a while.


              I hope this helps.

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                Go to the /Users/"your user"/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign.

                In mac 10.8 you can use the "Go to Folder…" menu and put in this path or simply hold down the option key while touching the "Go" drop down and the Library will be there then navigate to the Adobe InDesign folder.

                After there, just copy the folders from Version 8 to Version 9.