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    Improved real-time playback performance

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      Amongst all the bug reports and grief here on the forum with CC, I'd just like to say a quick thanks to the developers at Adobe for whatever they did regarding real-time playback. I had a project I was working on yesterday in CS6 with AVCHD footage, a couple of basic filters stacked on top and a title. I was lucky to get about 10 fps from that sequence. Since shifting the project into Premiere CC the very same timeline now plays without dropping a single frame. Same project settings, same playback resolution, same Mercury engine selection. Nice work. I'm sure I'll uncover plenty of little quirks that will have me running back to the forums (such as the slower AME performance), but from what I've seen today I'm well pleased with Premiere CC. Anyone else finding any gains (or losses) in playback performance?

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          Cavemandude Level 1

          Yes, playback is better with my GTX580 using AVCHD and filters. Another thing is that I'm using Firewire to preview to a video monitor and with CS6 this output was degraded when in the GPU mode even after rendering the timeline. Only in "Software" mode was the DV output at full resolution but now with CC the GPU outputs a full resolution also.