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    Newbie Needing Help Fixing a Dead Pixel Using Scripting


      Hi all.


      I have an EOS 550D and though it takes photos fine, with some settings when video recording, it has a dead pixel at 1308, 877. It leaves a small but noticeable dark-purple spot with a radius of about 3 pixels on my raw footage.


      I'm hoping to write a script that just takes the hue of the pixels outside the affected area and sets the spot to be the correct hue thus making it less noticeable, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this and unfortunately documentation is somewhat lacking on the internet and in the books I have on using AfterEffects. I figure I can do it if I just make a mask of the affected area and write an expression for hue adjustment but it seems such a hassle to set all that up for all my footage and if there's a simpler way, or a way to automate that, it would be appreciated. So does anyone here know how to go about doing that with scripting? Or point me in the direction of a tutorial or something that can show me how to do that? Is writing a script or plugin even what I should be doing to solve this?


      Sorry for what is probably a very newbie question, but then again changing the color of just one point on an image probably doesn't come up too much. And before anyone asks I have lots of experience with JavaScript - just not with the AfterEffects SDK.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Color math is tricky. No way around that. Doesn't matter whether it's expressions, scripts or hard-coded plug-ins, especially since in your case simple averaging no matter in what color mode would not necessarily yield a good result. You know, perceptional stuff like figuring in contrast, if the error is near an edge and all that... And you can't modify pixel data directly with expressions and scripts, anyway, so one would have to use e.g. a Circle effect to cover up the spot and animate its color. Since you know JavaScript, you might be able to pull it off one way or the otehr, but aside from the tiem required to knit the code, teh performance would be pretty awful. AE expressions are the most basic script interpreter without any optimizations like runtime bytecode generation or threading even... To cut a long story short: For the specifc scenario you might simply consider RevisionFX' RE:Fill. Does everything you need.