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    Best method to achieve video/audio/animation sync effect


      Hi everyone,


      What I would like to do :


      An HD video where the actor manipulates animated object in the video, with text effects animated in and out at the appropriate times. I have done this before using Flash, however this time the project requires audio - and flash does not sync audio well.


      So what I am doing:


      I have the video in premier (3.5 minutes long). I opened the sequence as an after effect composition.


      My problem : The after effect composition running my video is slow. scrubbing is slow, audio only comes up either as audio preview only, or ram preview only goes to 1000 out of 6000 frames or something.

      I have no idea how to create my animated objects, animate them, sync their entry point with the video's audio and visual - when everything is lagged like this. I dont usually use after effect exactly because its this slow..but as I upgraded computers twice ever since I first had after effects - I'd think that it would have gotten faster. My current pc is faster than my macbook pro, which was faster then the original dell i had. I am starting to think I am doing this wrong - there is no way professionals edits a whole 2 hour movie this way - lagging audio, video and all. 


      I can speed this up by just starting a new after effect composition without my video, then combine them in premier. However, if I do this, i wouldnt be able to sync the animation with the movement.




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          SteveBlacker Level 1

          As you have discovered, After Effects is nowhere near a "real-time" environment to work in.  Trying to sync your animation to audio in AE on the fly is a pain.  One technique I use a lot is to deselect all layers in my comp, press the period key on the number pad to initiate audio playback, then hit the asterisk key on the number pad to insert markers at salient points.  You can go through, stopping and starting as necessary, adding markers.  If all your layers were deselected, the markers appear at the top of your timeline panel. 


          If you double click a marker, you can add notes.  I find this is a good way to spot the key moments I have to hit in the animation. 


          Also, if you hold down command (ctrl on PC I guess) and scrub your timeline with the current time indicator, you get audio scrubbing.  Other than that, it's a case of tweak/preview/tweak/preview/etc...


          Oh yes - forgot to mention.  There is a preferences setting that by default limits your audio previews to 30s (I think).  You can change that if it helps.

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            NeverEndingFlashStories Level 1

            Thanks Steve!


            I'll try the marker thing - at least i'll know when my animation should start moving....

            If that doesnt work still I'll do the animation in flash...and import them to premier and layer it.  Then I'll preview, do my changes in flash, re-import. It may even be faster - just cause animation is easier in flash...which makes this whole thing silly .


            Any other methods to do this would be appreciate...cheers