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    gustavo 2815

      where is encore!

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          Mike The Videographer

          Encore will not be in Creative Cloud. Ever.


          I just cancelled my subscription to CC, as I have CS6 but have no need for a version of Premiere Pro that isn't compatible with Encore CS6. I also have no need for aCreative Suite that doesn't supoort DVD/ BluRay disk production.


          I am not sure what Adobe is thinking of. I have an event videography business.  Yes, I can distribute streaming videos, but almost all of my clients want DVD / BluRay versions of the events I record for archival purposes. I use FCPX to edit videos and generate surround sound mixes, then import masters created using 'share' into Premiere Pro to add titles, then import the titled Premiere Pro sequence into Encore using dynamic link.  Then, it is easy to create both BluRay and DVD versions of the videos. If I bring the FCPX master into Encore for titling I cannot use the surround mix, but have to buy some expensive plugin.  I prefer to use Final Cut Pro X for editing, as the magnetic timeline is, in my humble opinion, quite superior to Premiere Pro.


          So, without a working Encore in Adobe CC I have to start looking for a different solution.  Sure, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc are all great apps, but CS6 works fine (and will probably satisfy my needs for at least a few years). So there is no motivation for me to adopt CC.