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    Conversion of self-sign-signature from Acrobat Approval 5?




      we have created and use thousands of forms and doc in our QA management system. A few JavaScript functions to create some actions were included. All these documents are signed digitally with self created Acrobat self-sign signatures (PPKlite) certificates as available in Acrobat Approval 5. (Yes, still in use!)


      Time has moved and we have now the problem to convert this system into a working model for today. As far as we know, Acrobat Reader is not able to sign such old forms with the same self-sign signatures. We do not want to start from scratch, but do not know how to proceed...


      Has someone an idea how to move forward or to maintain the existing system. Acrobat Approval 5 is not able to show modern PDF files and is far beyond any scope of Adobe?


      Any advice hint how to begin the conversion would be appreciated.


      Best regards,



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