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    Occasional Crash / Playback Freeze


      I'm running into an issue in PPro CC where when using Filters (Mosaic in this case), I'm either crashing my system/Premiere (sometimes a complete system crash) or just getting a white playback card on my playback screen. In the case of the card, playback is frozen, even though the audio and the playback head still function as normal. The freeze is true for  both the playback monitor in PPro and my output monitor (which in this case is my Retina Display).


      Has happened about 6 or 7 times in the last hour.


      Thoughts on ways to weed out this issue?


      I'm running a Macbook Retina, with Pro CC, and 2 external monitors, and 1 USB 3 hard drive.


      Playback elsewhere is great and the CUDA handles the media (primarily DLSR) great... it just seems when I tweek effects that the system becomes unstable at times. Also stated above that sometimes I crash- not sure what that was from, but the system would freeze up and head to the Mac Death screen. Only twice there -- reset my Prefs and that cleared up. Now Premiere gets its "So Sorry..." dialogue box.




      Just happened again -- but didn't kick me out of Premiere. So I tried to render and I got the "Error Compiling movie. Unknown Error." box.


      And just for the record, I am restarting my machine when this happens and I have the latest Cuda Driver... and I hope this isn't the issue, but I'm running OSX 10.8.4.


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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi bkgarceau,

          Are you reinstalling the plug-ins, or just dragging them into the new plug-ins folder? I recommend you reinstall plug-ins from scratch. Also, see the manufactuerers site to see if any upgrades were created for Premiere Pro CC.




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            bkgarceau Level 1

            Hi Kevin,


            With plugins I tend to do full reinstalls. What is particularlly odd to me is that the particular plugin's I'm using are ones that come standard with CC. Mosaic or Ultra Key for example. Yet the problem doesn't seem to be excusively related to just filters and plugin's, but also the Text tool and Adjustment Layers as well.


            And currently my Creative Cloud is telling me that my software is up to date.


            Thanks for your reply!


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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi bkgarceau,

              I would look at your System Preferences > Energy Saver and make sure Automatic graphics switching is unchecked. Also, try a test with the Mercury Playback Engine (hardware) disabled.



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                bkgarceau Level 1

                Hi Kevin,


                Being a member of the CS6 gang I took care of that System Prefs a few months back. That certainly helped then!


                Interesting you mentioned turning off the Mercury Playback (to software only mode) -- back in CS6 it would sometimes improve my workflow, though I ultimately used OpenCL.


                This time I thought it would crash just the same. However, on my initial test, I could not get it to crash. I don't have the exact project that was throwing me off with crashes with me, so I'll give it another test... but I have to admit, I threw some nasty rendering, formats and filters and things played nice. Slower then normal (or rendering slower that is)... but surprisingly stable! This is a good sign.


                I would think this would suggest an issue between the Mercury Playback engine and more specifically, the CUDA card/firmware?


                The only other bit missing from my test was my additional monitors... Will give that a shot later this evening.


                Thanks for your suggestions!

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                  cscooper2013 Level 2

                  Interesting.  I'm going to try running without GPU acceleration for a bit and see if that helps with any other (unrelated to this thread) issues I've been experiencing.