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    Deleted Scratch Disk after upgrade?! What?!?

    KulorDS Level 1

      So I upgraded to CC today, whilst knowing well ahead not to uninstall CS6. After completing the install (and NOT touching any other files whatsoever), I open a rather large project in CS6 to resume working. I am greeted with a Missing Footage error (different than another similar post I put up earlier today). I notice the missing files are actually the exported audition .WAV files that were stored in my local scratch disk (C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\6.0). I have a fast and large C: SSD, so I left this set up from default. y

      I go to relink the files, and notice my scratch disk was empty. Nothing, nada, nilch. I try and restore to an earlier version (Win7 feature), and there is no available backup. I try scanning with Recuva to see if there are any files that I might have subconciously delete...nothing.



      So now I am sitting here perplexed, and down about 200 hours. As of now, my only option is to start from the beginnng. All of my audio exports are missing, and as such all of my multicam cuts are now completely mute. If I go into the original nests and relink the audio, it has no effect on my current timelne. All of my backups are useless, as they  all utilize the scratch disk, regardless of the fact that I have backups and backups of backups.


      Im exhausted, scared and feel like Im about to have a nervous breakdown. I thought I had all my bases covered, but it looks like I am **** out of luck. What are my options, if any?