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    Problems recording VoiceOver with USB-Device


      I am using a Behringer UCA200 USB Control unit to record voice over. Premiere 6 does not seem to recognize it ("device has no input channels").

      Recording Voice Over with my buit in mic is no problem . What can I do?

      Note: Final Cut Pro has no problems recording voice over with the device.

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          Abhishek Kapoor Adobe Employee

          If you are working on MAC OS setup USB device as Aggreate Device



          1. In the Audio Midi Setup application in Utilities, go to Audio > Open Aggregate Device Editor.
          2. Check each of the following:
            • Your USB microphone.
            • An additional input device, for example, Line In.
            • An output device
          3. Select this new aggregate device within Premiere Pro's Audio Hardware Preference panel.


          Also try adding a Mono track in sequence and try to record on it