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    How to anchor audio to frames?


      I'm working on a music video, I just started using flash and I have close to no clue what I'm doing. For an idea of the level of intricacy, here's a short clip:


      I'm on cs4, windows 7, I'm drawing with the paintbrush, frame by frame, nothing fancy. I'm getting slightly more intricate now, and since that youtube clip, I've discovered how to start audio, so I've been animating to a song of mine. However, every time I want to preview what I'm doing, I HAVE to start my preview from the first frame otherwise I get no audio. The mohawked character starts walking and I want her steps to be in time with the music, and I'm getting closer to a full minute of animation... previewing the first 45 seconds is going to start taking up the bulk of my time.

      Is there any way to get around this? I feel like flash is made for more sound effects an background music that doesn't necessarily tell a story. I've been searching for an answer on the web for about half an hour so I'm sorry if it's obvious and thanks in advane for any help.