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    documentReady versus creationComplete

    AMULI Level 4

      Hi all,


      As a symbol, the stage has a creationComplete event. Does anyone has arguments using it instead of documentReady ?


      Say it another way, when each of the two events happens exactly (which would motivate using one in some cases and using the other in other cases) ? Thanks.



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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Gil-


          All symbols have a creationComplete event, including the Stage (which is itself just a big symbol).  documentReady only fires when the page is loaded, but the Animate events (creationComplete, compositionReady) will only fire after the Animate runtime is loaded.  If I were to hazard a semi-educated guess, I'd say that documentReady likely will fire before the Animate runtime events, though you might hit a race condition where both of them will fire at about the same time.


          If you're looking for initializing variables, etc., I'd suggest compositionReady.


          Hope that helps,



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            AMULI Level 4

            Thank you, Elaine. This clarifies greatly.


            By the way, I discover documentReady and compositionReady, that up to now I got mixed up ! Learning everyday



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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              Ah, okay!    Glad to have been of help!



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                shawnk2520 Level 1

                I was hoping to reignite this topic by adding another curiosity to the mix...

                How does Edge's preloader ability work with all this? I am having trouble getting a dependable and consistent preload on a ehhhe kinda large homepage intro...


                1. If I add a preloader to the animation do I uncheck "autoplay" on the stage (as an fyi, no user interaction is necessary to start the animation; it should begin after everything is loaded and ready to play a smooth animation)?
                2. Does adding a preloader also add a "documentReady" in the background? If not, do I add this in conjunction with a preloader?
                3. If adding a preloader, is it also wise to add a creationComplete for the stage AND turn-off autoplay?
                4. Does autoplay have anything to do with jerky playback and preloading??
                5. If I recall some old Flash knowledge, we had to take a few frames on the main timeline and dedicate them to a loop which watched for last frame or bytes before proceeding to another point in the timeline..(I'm showing my age here cause that was AS2). Not sure why I added this bullet if only to suggest I have a little knowledge about this stuff...
                6. Can someone point me to a comprehensive tutorial or documentation on how to properly handle larger than normal (but not necessarily huge) animations? The ones I have come across tell me what is already obvious


                thanks in advance!