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    Inheritance doesn't work with enabled?

      I don't know if this changed in flash 8 or I'm just senile but it seems to me that when I disabled a movieclip, any and all controls inside of that movieclip (buttons, child movie clips, etc) were also disabled, via inheritance.

      I started using Flash 8 back in June and have noticed that it doesn't work (when I have time, I will return to mx and see if it works there, as my memory tells me it does). Am I missing something or what? How come inheritance doesn't work when it comes to the enabled setting? Anyone have a work around?

      My current project involves a movieclip that holds dynamically generated movieclips (and hence I have no idea what will be on the screen at any given time) and when an overlay is displayed above this, I need to disable those movieclips. The easy solution was to disable the "mother movieclip" but that doesn't work.

      edited to add: I just tried it in mx and it's the same deal. Coulda sworn you could disable child controls by disabling the parent. Any ideas? Thanks!
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          You gonna put an overlay over the top of it? MovieClip? you could make the background of the overlaying movieclip a button with no code on it, this will block any button behind it from receiving mouseover/out release etc

          Hope that helps
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            IwannaFlashU Level 1
            yes, we've done that in the past, using the code to prevent mouseOver cursor from showing up on that fake button you mention.

            the problem with that, is those controls are not really deactivated and can still be accessed via the tab+enter keys.

            and YES we have added code to disable that stuff......but in my opinion, that is not the "clean code" way to do something...just jury-rigging.

            Thanks for the response, but I'm lookikng for a better way to do this. I just don't get why inheritance works with other attributes such as invisible but not enabled?