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    Photoshop CC - working with paths/direct selection tool

    Sebastiano G



      Since version CS it was very easy working with paths with the direct selection tool. I just upgraded to Photoshop CC, and noticed this annoying bug:


      When I select and anchor point using the Direct Selection Tool, I can no longer de-select it clicking inside the shape. This is so frustrating when working with icons.


      I used to grab the Path Selection Tool to select the entire vector shape, then I switched to the Direct Selection Tool  if I wanted to modify a specific anchor point. All I needed to do was clicking inside the shape, then select the anchor point I wanted to work with. Now if I switch from the Path tool to the Direct Selection one, if I click inside the shape it doesn't deselect anything, if I click on an anchor point, it doesn't deselect the other anchor points. I figured out that if I click on the path of a different vector shape, then I can go back and select an anchor point on the vector shape I was working with, but it's too much work for de-selecting a point.


      Is it a bug or a new way Photoshop CC behaves?