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    Validating Forms using Master Page "Next" and "Back" Buttons




      I am creating a wizard style PDF with next and back buttons to control the user's progess.


      Rather place these buttons on every form I decided to place them on the Master Page.


      This has worked well, with navigation, page numbering and button suppression (no back button on the first page/no next button on the last page)  working perfectly.


      I am now trying to get execValidate to work on these buttons and am now struggling with the code.


      Could someone point me in the right direction.




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          Dogeron Level 1

          Ok no respone yet so i'm guessing you folks may want some code to work with.


          Here's mine, which I've attached to the :click property of the button (in this case the "next" button) on the master page.......and fails miserably.


          var testy = xfa.resolveNode("form1.Page" + Str(xfa.layout.page(this)) +".execValidate()");

          if( testy == false){

              xfa.host.messageBox("One or more required fields were missing data, please correct them before moving on.");


          else {