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    InDesign CC performance ...

    Jon Snidal Newcomer

      Hello!  I have upgraded on Mac and Windows machines, which went well, no crashes, etc, but experiencing a few weird things.  On both platforms basic performance is quite laggy.  Just dragging a simple text box about the screen is chopppy like the old days!  Also, I used to complain about InDesign's black text selection colour (ie, not system highlight colour), but it was always at least instantaneous.  Now, there's a delay effect just selecting text, words and paragraphs both on Windows and Mac (and the selection colour on Windows is a bizarre dark teal blue).  Are any others experiencing this?  Thanks -- Jon.

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          BobLevine Legend

          Apparently a few: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5425266#5425266


          Are you using a US English version?

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            Jon Snidal Newcomer

            Yes, I had read that thread yesterday, but didn't realize it carried on for a while after that!  I guess those are the problems I'm having, so I'll see what develops.  At least CS6 still works well.  I am using the US English version.  Thanks -- Jon.

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              Was DYP Pioneer

              One nice thing about CC is that you are only into it for one month of rent so far. If it does not meet your expectations and is not working correctly (bugs) then just cancel it.

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                Was DYP wrote:


                One nice thing about CC is that you are only into it for one month of rent so far. If it does not meet your expectations and is not working correctly (bugs) then just cancel it.


                How in the world is that a feature? I also confirmed it this afternoon on my workstation at work (MacPro 2007 Intel Xeon on OS 10.6.8). So far both Photoshop and InDesign CC are running slower than CS6. The ability to cancel is not an option because once you start migrating files to CC, rolling back to CS6 or early is wasting everyone's time. Fix it Adobe!

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                  Was DYP Pioneer

                  Never said it was a feature.


                  But why are you continuing to rent something that is defective and wasting your time migrating files to it.


                  In the past with perpetual licenses we sunk a lot of money into buggy Adobe software and were far more stuck with it. Now if Adobe does not get there act together stop your rental payment for defective software not delivered as promised.

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                    techboy96 Newcomer

                    Was DYP wrote:


                    Never said it was a feature.


                    But why are you continuing to rent something that is defective and wasting your time migrating files to it.


                    In the past with perpetual licenses we sunk a lot of money into buggy Adobe software and were far more stuck with it. Now if Adobe does not get there act together stop your rental payment for defective software not delivered as promised.


                    Your logic fails. Adobe has changed their model, CC is here to stay, the solution is to fix it now and move forward. Talking about it and getting their attention is necessary. If you like to stuck your head in the sand and pretend CC isn't here and the problem will go away because you want to stay with CS5 or CS6 for as long as you can...by all means do it your way.

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                      Was DYP Pioneer

                      What is the logic in willfully continuing to rent defective software. Yes the model has changed and your willingness to continue paying for it as it is, just might mean there is no reason for Adobe to fix it. Is this the new model, we will see.

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                        Jon Snidal Newcomer

                        I'm sure Adobe will fix this.  At least hardware is now at the level where we're surprised and annoyed with performance hits!  Especially with basic actions like selecting text.  Hope they fix it quick -- Jon.

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                          Define The Light Newcomer

                          Hi Jon, Clearly you are not alone. I 'upgraded' from CS6 over night. Got into the office this morning with high expectations. Both my Mac Pro 12 core and my Macbook Pro stacked with RAM and SSD's are very 'laggy' using this new version. Photoshop is good, but Indesign is shocking. Almost like working on a screen share compared to CS6. There were no issues with the installation, and I even run the usual apple 'house keeping' tasks and rebooted after the install. Guess we are all early adopters. I have just completed a 208 page catalogue in one document with CS6 with no glitches. No way could CC do this at present. Fingers crossed Adobe are working on a performance fix. (Running: Mac OSX Lion & Snow Leopard / Mac Pro Mid 2010 & Macbook Pro 2.66 Intel Core 2 Duo 17"). -- All the best, Scott.

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                            Jon Snidal Newcomer

                            Well, if even 12 cores get bogged down, there is definitely an issue!

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                              Rene Andritsch Newcomer

                              Hi everyone. I already posted a lot on the thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1235363?start=40&tstart=0


                              I think the best thing we as users can do is giving as much information on the matter as possible to get this sorted out as soon as possible. Please, all of you who experience those performance issues file a detailed bug report on the related Adobe site: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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                                Jon Snidal Newcomer

                                Hey, I think I figured something out!  This lagginess seems to occur when opening a document created in CS6.  If I create a new document and a text box, text selection is back to normal CS6-style speed.  If I copy a text box from the laggy document into the new document, the text selection in that box is then fine.  I don't yet know if it will bog down when the document builds, but I might try and recreate my project in this way, and I will report back.  Might cross-post this in other thread -- Jon.

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                                  BobLevine Legend

                                  Try exporting the document from CS6 as IDML and opening that in CC.



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                                    Jon Snidal Newcomer

                                    One more thing: the laggy document and the non-laggy document can be open at the same time!  I think I tried the suggestion above, but I'll try it again.

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                                      Jon Snidal Newcomer

                                      Tried saving as IDML from CS6, but lagginess persists.  Creating new document and pasting text boxes from old one works, tho!  The lagginess is stuck in the document somewhere, it seems -- Jon.

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                                        Jon Snidal Newcomer

                                        Eureka!  The lagginess returns when a transparent object is on the page.  Maybe there's a setting to tweak.  UPDATE: problem (lag with transparent object on page) disappears when you turn transparency off in display performance preference.  Behaviour identical on both Mac and Windows.  Also, in Windows, text selection colour changes from dark blue to light blue when you change transparencey blend space from CMYK to sRGB!  Thanks -- Jon.

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                                          Define The Light Newcomer

                                          Hmmm. Interesting findings Jon. Thank you. Funny thing, you mentioned earlier about the black text selection... I've been working on a document with a 20% grey tint, and the text selection is almost invisible! Seems that it is not as 'dynamic' if that's the right word anymore. I'll play with the Trans blend modes in the morning too. Kind regards, Scott.

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                                            Define The Light Newcomer

                                            Having struggled through the day with Indesign 'CC' my biggest annoyance on top of the slow 'juddery performance' is the text selection. Take a blank page, drag out a text box and fill with placeholder text. Next using the text tool, double or triple click to select a word/line or para. All is good. If you click outside the box, say to another object or another text box, and try and select text with the double/triple click method, it does not select anything. This is highly frustrating when amending mutiple text boxes (as I'm sure we all do in our day to day working lives). I got so frustrated that I have switched back to CS6 in the interests of my sanity, at least until the bugs are ironed out. Hope that happens soon. I'll keep checking it to see.

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                                              Rohit Guglani Newcomer

                                              Hi Jon, Can you share what kind of objects you have on page? I tried with few text frames and objects having transparency but didn't see any issues.


                                              Are you working with some specific panels open.

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                                                Define The Light Newcomer

                                                Hi there rkguglani.


                                                Does not make any difference whether there is transparency or not in my case. If I have 2-3 text boxes on a plain page - no images, and using the text tool to click inside them and select the text, I have to actually select the box with a click first before I can highlight any text. With CS6 I could very quickly double or triple click text in any text box on the page, withouy having to select the box first. It's a little thing I know, but when I have a couple of hundred pages of text changes to do, it gets a tad frustrating to say the least. Couple that with the 'slowness' that many of us have experienced it is annoying. I am currently working on a 12 page A4 brochure with CC. When I Use the scroll ball to scrolll down the spreads it takes an age! Not fast, there is a mega delay. I am using a 12 core mac pro with 32gb RAM. Performance cannot be an issue can it? I am on Lion, not Mountain Lion. Not sure if that could be the reason. I am a little hesitant to upgrade the OS at present, as I have a 'working' machine, that (apart from Indesign CC) is bang on. Thanks for your suggestions. Kind regards, Scott.


                                                PS: With regards to panels, I am using the default Typography working space. I don't have 'Separations Preview' on or anything like that. I know that they can sometimes slow down performance. I even have the display perfomance set to Standard. A lot of my work can be 'image - rich' and it's not uncommon for me to have 80+ pages, filled with transparent images across multiple layers. Indesign CS6 never skipped a beat, even on a 5 yr old MacBook Pro. I'm sure Adobe will iron this out for us...

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                                                  Jon Snidal Newcomer

                                                  Just thought I'd second that scrolling problem.  Even though turning transparency off makes working with text manageable, scrolling with the scroll bars is very choppy.  CS6 has always been more or less perfect all around!

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                                                    Ich habe genau das gleiche Problem. MacPro mit OSX 10.8.4, 8 GB RAM. InDesign CC ist sehr viel träger als CS6, und somit für produktives Arbeiten zur Zeit nahezu unbrauchbar. Das Programm an sich (Start, Import, Export, etc.) ist in Ordnung. Das verschieben von Elementen auf der Montagefläche ist eine Katastrophe. Die Voreinstellungen und Ansichtseinstellungen sind identisch mit CS6. Ich habe festgestellt, dass es etwas besser wird, wenn man die Informationen-Palette schließt. Richtig gut wird es erst, wenn man über die Tab-Taste alle Paletten inkl. der Leiste oben und der Werkzeuge-Palette ausblendet. Dann läuft es so wie es sein sollte. Auch das englische Forum füllt sich zu dem Thema. (http://forums.adobe.com/message/5425555) Es scheint ein Bug in den Bedienelementen zu sein. Ich hoffe auf schnelle Problemlösung von Adobe. So kann ich mit InDesign CC nicht arbeiten.

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                                                      Jon Snidal Newcomer

                                                      Here in Canada there was an update this morning (or maybe even last night) that seems to have fixed some issues, at least on 10.8.4 (and Windows 8.1).  Not so on 10.6.8, tho.  Any luck?

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                                                        Define The Light Newcomer

                                                        Hi Jon, Thanks for the update. I noticed that there were 5 updates first thing this morning. I was excited to see that one was Indesign CC! With great enthusiasm I installed all updates. No changes to perfomance or the annoying 'double click' on text with my system zzzzz Ah well maybe next time. Funny thing, when I clicked the tab to find out what 'bug's had been fixed in Indeign CC, it listed them as Adobe Media Encoder! Surely that's a typo? Come on Adobe. Sort me out, I'm still using CS6 on both my Mac Pro and Macbook Pro machines! Could really use that 'Font Favourites' feature on this new catalogue, but its just WAY to slow. Still like using a screen share on a 100mb/s network :-( All the best from Sunny England.

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                                                          BobLevine Legend

                                                          The only update I've seen is for Media Encoder.

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                                                            Rene Andritsch Newcomer

                                                            No, there is no performance boost with the latest update for the German version of Indesign CC on the Mac in my case.

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                                                              Hi Rene, on my iMac 27 i7 there is a noticeable performance boost to Indesign CC when I hide all! panels (including the toolbox / pattsteiner already mentioned this in post 22 in german). I´m using the german version here, too but I don´t think it´s a problem with the actual language version.

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                                                                Rene Andritsch Newcomer

                                                                Hi werbewusel,


                                                                I know. The best performance is achieved with all panels hidden (closed), but that obviously is not a solution I want to work with. Even if you hide all panels the performance is still weaker than in CS6. Thanks for the information. I am curious how and when this matter will be resolved. As long as there is no fix for this I stick to CS6.

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                                                                  tudor-v Newcomer

                                                                  Jon Snidal wrote:


                                                                  UPDATE: problem (lag with transparent object on page) disappears when you turn transparency off in display performance preference. 


                                                                  Great advice! On my Mac, moving through text with the arrow keys (or selecting with Shift-arrows) was very slow. Turning transparency off fixed that problem, but it's only a temporary workaround. I do need to see the transparency in my layouts.

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                                                                    I got the same problem with InDesign CC under Windows 8 64bit. I am using it since two months now and it is really slower than InDesign CS6. I tried all tipps if found with google but nothing works. Now since three days i am working on a big advertisement with around 1.000 - 2.000 objects on 8 pages and the performance is terrible. The problem is that going back is impossible because i have allready saved so many documents in CC.

                                                                    Now to the performance in my big advertisement it takes around 3-5 seconds if i select a object or change some text. I gave the indesign process the highest priority and now it is a little bit faster but not much more.

                                                                    I also tried to separate every page as single document but that also doesn't work. Also if i hide everything (graphics and vector graphics) it only gets a little bit faster. There is a heavy lag with so many objects in the InDesign document but if i look at the CPU usage it only uses 7% from the CPU. So i don't know where the problem comes from. I am using a Intel Core i7 with Corsair Force GT SSD Hard Drives.

                                                                    Does anyone have an idea?

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                                                                      DemShades Newcomer

                                                                      Hey there,


                                                                      I previously posted in this thread.:




                                                                      I thought it might be good to place my experience here too in order to let Adobe know that this issue is URGENT and has to be solved. There are even more several threads in the Forum that complain about the InDesign CC performance.


                                                                      I updated my  system (Macbook Pro Mid 2009, Intel Core Duo 3,06 GHz) with an SSD, 8 GB RAM, Mountain Lion 10.8.4 (clean install) to get ready for Adobe CC.


                                                                      Now started working with CC (German) and noticed the same performance-issues with InDesign (9.1) Jon Snidal stated above. The only thing that helps a bit is to hide all panels with Tab. This increases the speed significantly. Unfortunately is this not a permanent solution for me.


                                                                      I tried to close each panel apart but that doesn't affect the performance. I have to admit that I have opened almost every panel InDesign offers on my 2nd display... which was never a problem with InDesign CS4 (the version I used before). Furthermore I deleted my preferences without any performance-improvements.


                                                                      Hopefully there'll be another patch soon. Adobe?

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                                                                        Define The Light Newcomer

                                                                        Hi Jon, just wondering if there have been any improvements on your system with Indesign CC's performance as yet? I upgraded my 12 core Mac Pro to Mountain Lion (Clean install from a USB stick) and that made no difference. I even installed Indesign CC before anything else to see if there was an app conflicting with it at all. I then purchased the new 27" iMac 3.5Ghz with 32gb ram and the new 4gb Nvidia GPU. Still shockingly slow performance with Indesign. CS6 (thankfully still available for download - is flying!) I just find it hard to believe that an application that was SO very good, and fluid, is now unusable with even the latest and greatest Apple hardware - and as it appears Windows systems too. What is Adobe doing? Kind regards, Scott.

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                                                                          BobLevine Legend

                                                                          Performance issues with CC are hit or miss. Adobe is aware of it but

                                                                          it's not all that easy to nail down when there's no common ground for

                                                                          the problem.


                                                                          I've yet to see any issues on Windows or Mac.

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                                                                            Define The Light Newcomer

                                                                            I hear what you are saying Bob (and thank you for your prompt reply). I have eliminated all that I can in terms of system requirements (I have a number of high spec machines - all Mac with clean OS installs) I also have a 17"  MBP running Snow leopard, that too exhibits the same slow and juddery performance. Even single page documents are running as though they are on a remote desktop with a slow ethernet connection. As I say, thankfully I still have CS6 to work day to day. Every time I see an update, I get a glimmer of hope that CC will be fixed for me. Thing is, I love that font favourites feature, and the customisable interface - but cannot cope with the low performance day to day. Wonder if there is a way to communicate the system details, and setup etc to Adobe to assist in the improvement of this application. Photoshop / Premiere / After effects / Illustrator etc are all great. Just sad that 90% of my working day is InDesign based. Kind regards Scott.

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                                                                              stefan.schwann Newcomer

                                                                              Hello Scott,


                                                                              are you using the page preview window? If yes try to disable the page preview rendering completely (only to close the window didn't help). This nearly fixed the performance issues on my Windows PC. I think there is a bug because it looks like that the preview windows renders the complete document and if you have complex documents with many objects than the performance goes down that indesign is unuseable. Best regards Stefan

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                                                                                jsnidal Newcomer

                                                                                Hi Scott, sorry I didn't see this until just now ... and, sad to say, that while still monitoring these threads, I have completely reverted to CS6, because, like you said, it flies!  I have tested CC on four machines, none of which perform well enough for day to day work:


                                                                                1.  MacBook Pro, quad-core i7, Mountain Lion then Mavericks

                                                                                2.  Mac Pro, 2 x dual-core Xeon, Snow Leopard (oaky, it's a little old!)

                                                                                3.  PC, quad-core i7, Windows 8.1

                                                                                4.  Mac Mini, core 2 duo, Mountain Lion then Mavericks


                                                                                Of these, the windows machine is almost useable; the MacBook Pro, which should be good performance-wise, displays other strange bugs like being unable to zoom in and out properly; the older machines, which run everything else just fine, can't even handle text selection (the fast machines aren't totally fine in this respect).  So, as you mention, hardware doesn't seem to fix anything!  I can't believe how long this problem has dragged out, and the last update on any of these platforms was ages ago.  It sure has made me appreciate CS6, tho!  Maybe there will be a killer update any day now.  Font favourites ruled, for a minute there.  Cheers -- Jon.

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                                                                                  funny thing is that we have almost november and i'm still losing a lot of time because of this lagg on CC.


                                                                                  ADOBE pls do something.




                                                                                  dell precision

                                                                                  2X intel xeon quad core

                                                                                  24GB ECC ram

                                                                                  750GB SSD

                                                                                  ati radeon HD 7800

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                                                                                    Define The Light Newcomer

                                                                                    Hello Stefan. Thanks for your suggestion. The performance appears to be the same regardless of the settings I use. I was keen to do a fresh install of the OS the other day just to test the theory that another app (even the old CS6 suite) was causing a conflict. I can confirm that having wiped clean my HD, and reinstalled - then updated Apple OSX Mountain Lion, and installed CC only, the performance is the same. Poor :-( Lets hope that Adobe sort us all out soon. Given that we all have high spec kit, and different platforms and OS's - surely we cannot be alone. I'm sure we are not just being fussy... I keep reminding myself and having another try at Indesign CC, but after a moment or two I'm pulling the last few hairs out of my head! All the best. Scott.

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                                                                                      Hello everyone around.


                                                                                      Same Problem here. I still have a bad performance.


                                                                                      Even on the latetest Hardware. Tried it on all Macbook Pros I could get. (i5/i7). Even an 2012 MacPro. All tips/workaround faild. Adobe. come on!


                                                                                      My specs.

                                                                                      MacBook Pro Late 2013 Retina

                                                                                      2,6 GHz Intel Core i7

                                                                                      1GB Ram

                                                                                      1TB SSD

                                                                                      NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB

                                                                                      OS X 10.9


                                                                                      That should be more than enough Power...

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