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    How to Mark Read Only Checkboxes based on RadioButton Selections


      I've spent the past hour looking through old discussions and can't find anything about this, so maybe it will help some others in the future as well.


      I'm building a Dynamic PDF for people at work to use for troubleshooting.  It basically follows the same logic as the flowcharts I've already made, but by asking questions and telling the technicians what to do based on their answers.  At the top I have checkboxes that are kind of "top level questions" that I want to be read only and I want them to check off automatically as they make their way through the radio buttons.


      My end goal is to incorporate this PDF into our ticketing system and the checkboxes at the top level will show the troubleshooting that has already been completed without the technician having to read through the entire PDF to find out what to do next.  If we have to send a technician to the site to repair anything it will also act as an escalation report, so he knows where we were able to get without him being on site.


      I was thinking this might work, but apparently I don't understand the coding as well as I thought I did.  Hopefully I'm close lol.


      if (TestRadio.rawValue==1){







      Any help is greatly appreciated.  If anyone has a PDF with an example of this working I'd love to see it.  Thanks a lot.