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    Component Stage Icons

    clbeech Level 3
      Alright guys, does anyone have any knowledge on building Components. I'm almost done, packaged and complied SWC, but I can't seem to figure out how to add a 'visual' icon to the stage that shows durring authoring. I'm not talking about the menu icon png, I mean one that shows up on the Stage when placed there from the Library, then gets removed (all other elements are constructed at runtime) when published or tested, like the Data Components for instance.

      Any thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks.

      PS. I've already tried adding graphics to the Component MCs first frame, and adjusting the boundingBox instance, this seems to give a 'new' bounds to the instance that's visual by the typical selection boarder, but the graphics contained still don't show up.
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          clbeech Level 3
          sorry all, I hate to bump :(

          Nobody have any ideas on this?
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            ggshow Level 2
            under Component Definition, Custom UI

            p/s: how many flash users building component? how many of them come here? how many of them come here to help? & how many of them are here in that 6 hours between your 1st & 2nd message? dont "hate"
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              clbeech Level 3
              Well actually ggshow, I found the solution, and for those wondering, it was that I needed to add a live preview file (which I had tried but failed in several attempts), but in order to make this file function properly, you need the magical 'xch' MC, that's not mentioned at all in the docs, nor anything on constructing a live preview file. Additionally, nowhere does it mention the MXI xml file needed for configuring the Adobe Extention Manager system to interface with the Component, for distibution auto-installation.

              So - "under ComponentDefinition, Custom UI" - is not the answer, the 'Custom User Interface' is for constructing your own special panel for configuring the Component in lue of using the Component Inspector or Parameters panel. And again, the construction of a custom UI is not covered in the doc.

              Don't get me wrong now folks, I'm a huge fan to the increadible Help manual, and use it constantly, but there are some advanced areas where it falls short. And it look like the same is true of the AS3 manual, and even a little more so. Regardless, there's more information contained in either, than most people will ever get through. Kudos Adobe(MM)!

              As for - "how many flash users building component? how many of them come here? how many of them come here to help?" - I have the impression that many people build Components and it's quite common, I would also assume many would come here to help others solve problems, as I do myself and many others that are here. Not to mention, you yourself must have some experience here or you wouldn't have mentioned the custom UI.

              As for - "how many of them are here in that 6 hours between your 1st & 2nd message?" - If you will look at the times once again, and read them carefully, you will notice that there are around 20 hours between them. As well as another 20 between my bump and your message.

              Although thank you for responding. And I never 'hate' ;)
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                ggshow Level 2
                yea sorry that was my mistake, it is live preview, not custom UI :-p

                Normally I just browse for an external swf & it works. I never use any "magical 'xch' MC" in my components, & dont even know what is it, perhap you can tell me?
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                  clbeech Level 3
                  Accepted gg :) and after doing still more testing and reseach, I've come to find that it wasn't as much the addition of the xch MC, as it was a boundingBox issue. Originally I'd used a standard UIComponent BoundingBox instance, but it was set to a 0,0 w,h, well this was not giving my preview instance anywhere 'to be', so after acing it and adding a plain rect at the correct size, it showed up. It seems the xch MC is only for 'onUpdate' events and can be called in the preview script to control layout during the event as a content control. But still never mentioned anywhere in the Flash docs.

                  However, for those playing along at home, there is a fair amount of additionaly development information in both the Extension Manager, and the Extending Flash help contents, that covers more on these topics.

                  Again, thanks for your assistance gg :)
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