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    Simple is complicated?

      I have this button

      on mouse over, clip appears and play

      when mouse goes off, clip desapears. (so far ok)

      But when I do mouse over again clip starts again from frame 0, but I need it to continue playing in the same frame it stoped the last time.

      Please can you explain me how to achieve that?
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          lukeduke7 Level 1
          Say your button has an instance name of mcButton and your animated movie clip has an instance name of mcAnimation. This should do what your looking for if using AS2.
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            Greg Dove Level 4
            It depends how you're doing it. Assuming as2:

            If "appears" means you're using attachMovie or loading in the clip, and you're removing it when the mouse goes on/off your button then you need to have a variable for the _currentframe property when it 'disappeared'. Use gotoAndPlay for that frame the next time you make it appear.

            Otherwise... if you're just using _visible (probably best here) or _alpha then just use .stop() and play() whenever you make it appear/disappear.
            EDIT: Just saw lukeduke's post... its a detailed example of the second approach mentioned here
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              Artta Level 1
              thanks a lot!
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                Artta Level 1
                In fact, the perfect option would be making the animation (symbol inside roll over buton frame) appear in fade in.

                The problem is that it should be a "Dynamic" fade in, which means fade in (and maybe fade ou too) each time mouse goes over (and roll off too, if possible)

                I know that If I put the fade-in in the clip itself it will only work once, the first time, but then it wont appear with a fade.

                I suppose I must do an "empty simbol" (does that exist?) with only the fade-in (Alpha 0 to 100) and then connecting via a script this fade with the clip itself. So it will be applied each time mouse goes "over"

                Is that possible? Could someone please explain me how to do that, unless it's to hard to achieve?