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    Importing a Premiere Pro project still bugged in AE CC

    marian.ene Level 2



      What you see here is a Premiere Pro sequence imported in AE, and I have a few issues with it:


      1. I didn't nest the clips in the Premiere timeline, didn't apply any effects or transformations that would warrant precomposing each and every clip on the timeline when I import it into AE

      2. the bigger issue is what happened to layers 9, 13, 14, etc. Each clip should stretch right from the previous till the next clip, as I don't have any gaps in my timeline. Time wise, the layers are correct, if I replace the precomp with the original footage, then set I and O points where they're supposed to be, I get what I edited. My problem is I have to do this for a lot of clips (layers), in every project, from 250+ layers, at least 30 have messed up I/O points

      3. This happens no matter the type of footage (top layer is a PNG with a 2.35 mask), except for audio only layers. Go figure.

      4. This started happening in AE CS6 (only a few layers at first, then more and more, until all the layers in an imported sequence were automatically precomped); I submitted at least 2 bug reports, but I see this hasn't been adressed yet.asel


      I am writing this here because that measly box on the bug submit page can't hold a proper description nor take images.