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    Not impressed by AE CC

    Klaus_Brandenburg Level 2

      Hi Adobe staff and community,


      just tried out the trial version of AE CC and I have to say I'm not impressed about the "new features" to say the least.


      Warp Stabilizer (as well as camera tracker) still wants to scan the whole clip instead of what I used in my comp. Yeah I can precomp but is it really that hard to to this right and not force users to create otherwise unneccessary precomps?

      Also the reversibel/reverse stabilization does not work as introduced in Mamoworlds tutorial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CcYZkmschfk) where you can copy the effect from your precomp to the upper comp and simply select reverse stabilization. Well one can do that but it needs to scan again (with terrible results) instead of simply reversing the effect. Also it seems no one ever thought about an "invert selection" when you want to delete trackers.


      3D Camera Tracker suffers from the same issues as the Stabilizer.


      Refine Edge Tool is not usable for real world footage. Don't know about REDs but anything with the slightest compression will throw it off and give blocky results. How did you guys your promostuff? 10 megpixel raw images?


      Pixel Motion Blur is quite unneccessary as this is just extracted from the timewarp effect. Can't say it got any better.


      Cineware...well I would rather call it Cinewait.


      So all in all this release is a huge letdown and I wouldn't even get it if Adobe sold this for a fixed price. Well, time to save some money for Nuke I guess.